How To Change The Language In Word

Language plays a primary and essential role while speaking, learning, and working. Every individual prefers to work efficiently and tries to work with the language in which he is familiar or native. For example, English is a universal language. Almost 80% of the world population speak and understand English. But among them, most are non-native English speakers and prefer to work, speak or learn in their native languages.

As for working languages, it can be changed across different working platforms like computer operating systems, Microsoft Office, etc. I am not saying that a non-native speaker can not work in an English environment or platform, they can work and are working efficiently, but as for their will and preference, their native language might do them a favor. Well long story short, if you are looking to change the language in MS Word, this is your guide. Let us get started with it.

Step #1 – Open Microsoft Word

First, we need to open Microsoft Word, then on the main panel, select options. You will find more settings and adjustment options. Look for language, and open it. This is the initial step, and from here we are going to perform three main tasks for changing language.

Step #2 Changing the display language

Now that we are in the language settings, the first thing we will be working on is changing the display language. By doing this, the overall screen and other options will be displayed in the newly selected language in Microsoft word. Click on ‘Install additional languages from Microsoft’. From there, you can easily select and download your desired and preferred display language for Microsoft word.

Step #3 Changing the editing language for better use

If you want to change the editing language in Microsoft Word, you have to install and configure the preferred language keyboard and its layout through the windows settings. There Is a button labeled as ‘Install additional keyboards for windows settings’ on the same setting. By clicking on that button, you can add a keyboard for your preferred language.

Step #4 Setting up the proofing tools new language

Once you have changed the language in Microsoft Word, now you have to set up the proofing tools too. Because proofing tools are responsible for checking spelling and grammatical mistakes, for doing this, you will find a button labeled as ‘proofing available’ on the same settings tab, select proofing tools for your desired language that you want, and you are done setting up proofing tools.

All the above steps will help you in changing the language in Microsoft Word, and here I have explained how to do it step by step. I hope it will help you learn something.