How To Change The Font In Outlook

Changing fonts in your mailbox is often considered as a professional act. Some might find it confusing when changing the font in their mailbox. Talking about professionalism, the majority relies on outlook by Microsoft. Here I will be discussing the procedure of changing the font in outlook.

Since outlook is a professional mailbox used by many business professionals, it has a very simple and unique user interface. Outlook’s simple user interface will help you change the font within a few moments. Following these simple steps will do the job.

For Windows:

Click on the View tab, then select the view settings option. Now you have opened the advanced view settings tab; here you see a tab labelled as the other settings.

Upon reaching the other settings tab, now you can change all fonts, size, header and footer. From here you can change the font, including font style and size.

Now it’s up to you, how well you are going to personalise your outlook mailbox. And after modification, all you need to save the modified changes.

To save and apply the settings, click ok in all the windows and here you are. You have finally learned How to change the font in outlook. In this way, countless modifications can be made, that requires more research and exploration of the application.

On Internet browser:

Go to the settings, and select view all outlook settings, there you will find an option of compose and reply, click on that. Now under the message format, change the message format to HTML format. Now select the font and font size that you want.

This will allow you to change the font in outlook while using it through the website.

On Mac:

Changing the font in outlook becomes very convenient and handy, when using Mac, all you have to do is, open the outlook and then go to preferences and then select fonts. There will be a pop-up through which you will be able to adjust the font and font size.

You are all done here. This is all that you need to know about how to change the font in the outlook across three platforms. (windows, internet browser, and Mac).