How To Change The Facebook Language

Social applications are more fun when they can be used in the native language of their users, generally and individually. Not everyone feels like surfing or browsing the internet in a universal interface and language. Some prefer to change the language of the application according to their interests. But get confused in the act of doing it or end messing with the application settings.

Social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, these apps are proved as more exciting and engaging when used in the native language of users. As these users are spread worldwide, and which gives us a larger number of languages. And they tend to change from the universal language that is “English” from their native language(s).

Here I will be telling you how to change the Facebook language so that users will get most of the Facebook app and its features.

How to change the Facebook language on your PC or laptop

Facebook users know the drill! Go to Facebook in your browser and log in using your account’s credential. Follow the following steps once you have opened the homepage.

  1. Go to the settings tab on the Facebook webpage, and click the language, there you will find almost every language that exists on earth to choose from.
  2. Now select your preferred language, and it is all done for now.
  3. Save the settings and refresh your browser.

Here you are done with your task of changing language, and now you will see your Facebook profile, homepage, and posts in the language that you have selected in the second step.

How to change the Facebook language on your smartphone

Changing the Facebook language on your smartphone is different, but only in terms of the user interface. Above I have explained to you how to change the language on Facebook, running on any web browser. And here now comes the turn for the Facebook mobile platform.

In today’s world, many people are using mobile apps rather than using them on computers and laptops. Just follow the simple steps to make it work.

  1. Open your Facebook mobile app, and on the top right corner, you will see the menu button.
  2. Click on that and scroll to the bottom, and here you will find Language options. Open that, and you will find several languages and a few suggested languages to choose from.
  3. Now select your desired language, and it will automatically be saved for you. This way, you will be using Facebook in your preferred language.

All the changes made through these steps are only useful for the device which you are using to change the language setting. And won’t be applied to other devices that you use.