How to Change a Playlist Name on Spotify

Personalizing your playlists on Spotify is not only one of the most popular features of this giant of the music streaming world, it’s also a savvy way to attract followers and keep your Spotify Library in good order.

To learn how to change a playlist name on Spotify, simply follow our tutorials below. For all other queries and information pertaining to the subject, please see our FAQ section at the end of this article.

How to change a playlist name on Spotify (desktop)

  1. Open the Spotify desktop app and sign in to your Spotify account, if necessary
  2. Click on ‘Your Library’ in the sidebar, then click ‘Playlists’, and scroll until you locate the playlist whose name you wish to edit. Click on it, then finally click on the title (or on the three horizontal dots, and then select ‘Edit details’ from the pop-up menu)

    1. Alternatively, locate the playlist in the Homepage sidebar, right-click on it, and from the pop-up menu select ‘Edit details’

  3. Now, change the name of the playlist by erasing the old one, typing a new one in, and saving the change by clicking ‘Save’

How to change a playlist name on Spotify (mobile/tablet)

  1. Open the Spotify mobile app and sign in to your Spotify account, if necessary
  2. Tap on ‘Your Library’ in the bottom-right of the page
  3. Next, tap ‘Playlists’ to filter out everything from your library except your playlists (this makes it easier to navigate your saved music)
  4. Locate the playlist whose name you wish to change and then tap on it
  5. Tap the three vertical dots located beneath the title and to the left of the Play button
  6. From the pop-up menu, select ‘Edit playlist’
  7. Now, tap the current title to pull up the keyboard, delete what’s there and input a new title, before finally tapping ‘Save’ in the top-right to save the new playlist name

And that’s all there is to it. Whether on your desktop or mobile/tablet, by following our step-by-step tutorials you can learn how to quickly and easily change any (of your) playlist names in just a few taps.

For any additional information, or if you still have questions, we ask you to kindly direct your attention to our FAQs down below.

Frequently asked questions

Why would I want to change a playlist name on Spotify?

Spotify is beloved by millions of users all over the world, each of whom may spend hours every day streaming music, podcast shows and more, over the app. One of the most popular aspects of Spotify is how personal it feels. Music has always been a very personal thing, but there were times when making that music your own was either too difficult or too expensive. Spotify, by being free, has enabled just about anyone to feel a sense of ownership over even music from the other side of the world.

One of the ways in which Spotify makes you feel this personal connection to your music is through the creation of and curation of playlists. You can create your own playlists full of your favorite musicians, or a particular genre, or for a particular event. You can collaborate on playlists with friends, and you can enjoy playlists made by other Spotify users.

Changing the name of a playlist on Spotify gives you the freedom and power to not only put your personal touch on the playlist but also to better organize your playlists. Choosing the right name for a playlist can make it stand out from the rest and helps to make your listening experience all the more streamlined.

Can I change the name back if I change my mind?

Of course! You can change the names of your playlists as often and as much as you like. They’re your playlists, so do what you want with them!

Can I change any playlist name on Spotify?

No. You can only alter the details of playlists that you create on Spotify. Even if you’ve been invited to collaborate on a playlist with a friend, you won’t be able to edit its name or other details. In other words, only the original creator of the playlist is granted the right to edit its credentials.

How else can I customise my playlists on Spotify?

There are two main alternative ways in which you can edit and personalize Spotify playlists you’ve created, besides changing their names. You can add a description, for one, and you can customize the artwork attached to the playlist.

As standard, Spotify will make the playlist artwork a collage of the artwork found on the first four albums featured in the playlist. You, however, can make the artwork anything you want (provided it doesn’t breach Spotify’s user terms and conditions). Just make sure you use a 1:1 ratio and that the image is of high enough quality without being too big a file size.

To edit the details and artwork on a computer, head to the playlist as you would to change the name, then from the options select ‘Edit details’, then input a description and/or hover your cursor over the artwork and click ‘Choose photo’, then upload one from your computer. If doing this on a phone or tablet, tap the three vertical dots at the top of the playlist and select ‘Edit playlist’. Next, tap ‘Add description’ and input it, and/or tap ‘Change image’ and upload one from your phone/tablet.