How to Catch Chickens in Sea of Thieves

When you begin playing Sea of Thieves for the first time, among the most regular quests you could encounter early on in the Merchant Alliance is catching chickens. And even though this task sounds quite simple, it can often turn out to be annoying and time-consuming, especially when you’re new, and aren’t exactly sure what you should do.

To that end, here is a quick guide that will help you finally catch those pesky chickens:

Step 1: Acquiring a voyage

In order to be able to actually catch chickens, you must first be given a mission from anyone that is a member of the Merchant Alliance. You can find characters willing to give a quest on the Outpost islands or at the docks.

When you’ve managed to acquire a quest, you then need to get it to your vessel in order to begin a voyage. However, you will need to go back to the member of the Merchant Alliance in order to acquire a chicken coop that’s necessary for your quest.

Then, you could begin your voyage.

Step 2: Gathering the chickens

Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific locations in SoT where chickens can often be found. Instead, you will have to sail directly to any island of your choice, in the hope that you will find the required birds.

Keep in mind that you will actually need to leave your boat and step on the island if you wish to catch the chickens.

You might have more luck searching through larger landmasses or places such as Marauder’s Arch and Cannon Cove where chickens have previously been seen

After you’ve managed to spot your chickens, ensure to carry a chicken coop with you, and then run after the desired bird. Once you’re close enough, hold down RT in order to catch your chicken.

It’s also important to keep in mind that chickens that are in coops won’t be fond of water. This means that you should keep the caught chickens above the sea level when you’re going back to your vessel.

Step 3: Getting the cash

After all the chickens have been caught and brought to the ship, you will then have to sail directly to the specific outpost that is stated on your voyage. You can find this information on the mission paper that you can access by holding down RB and searching through the area of the map.

When you finally reach the outpost, all that’s left to do is start a conversation with the member of the Merchant Alliance in order to give them your chickens.

And that’s it; all you need to know about finding and catching the pesky chickens when playing Sea of Thieves.