How To Cast To A Samsung TV From Android

Whether for professional presentations, casual music streaming with friends, a full-blown movie night at home, or simply to turn your smartphone into a remote control for your new Samsung TV, we’re here to show you how!

To learn how to cast to a Samsung TV from Android devices, follow our step-by-step instructions below. For all other information, or if you have further questions on the topic, please see our FAQ section at the end of this article.

How to cast to a Samsung TV from an Android device

  1. On your Android device, open up the Google Play Store (app market) and search for ‘TV Cast for Samsung TV’
    1. Alternatively, you can find it by following this link:
  2. Once the app is installed on your Android device, turn your Samsung TV on, grab your remote control, and press the ‘Smarthome’ button
  3. Using the search function on the Samsung TV Smarthome, search for ‘TV Cast’
    1. Note: This is the TV equivalent of the app you’ve just downloaded on your phone or tablet, so keep an eye out for the same icon
  4. Once you’ve found the ‘TV Cast’ app for Samsung TV, download and open it
  5. Now, open TV Cast for Samsung TV on your Android smartphone or tablet (the app you downloaded earlier)
  6. Locate the cast icon in the top-right of the app home screen and tap it
  7. Your TV should hopefully be discovered automatically in the next pop-up window, tap on the TV’s name (in blue) now
    1. Note: If your TV is not automatically discovered, connect using the IP address displayed on your phone by inputting it into the TV’s cast app
  8. You have successfully paired your Android to your Samsung TV and can now cast media from your phone, videos from websites, or your entire screen (select, in this case, ‘Screen Mirroring’)

Note: If you simply wish to cast from your Android’s Spotify app to the Samsung TV Spotify app, for example, then ignore the instructions above and instead open the apps on both devices, ensure both are connected to the same WiFi, and tap the cast icon on your phone, then select your TV.

If you have any further questions or need more information, see our FAQs below.


Why should I cast from my Android device to a Samsung TV?

Casting (short for “broadcasting”) is the term used to define what happens when a smartphone or tablet’s screen (or specifically an app being used by the device) is displayed on another device by means of WiFi connection. Typically both devices need to be connected to the same WiFi router. 

The benefits of casting from your Android device to a Samsung TV are many. Samsung TVs are smart and intuitive, meaning that casting to them and setting up a connection between them and your Android device is super simple. Once you’ve done so, you’re then able to cast your entire phone, or just a compatible app (such as YouTube or Spotify, as an example) to be displayed on the wide, crisp, vibrant television screen.

Casting from your Android device to your Samsung TV is most effectively used when done to increase the size of your display – perfect for watching movies and other videos. However, it can also be useful to know how to do this for giving presentations from your phone or tablet in offices or areas with Samsung TVs. Moreover, Samsung TVs generally have much better speakers than are housed within your phone, so casting is equally great for music streaming.

To learn how to cast to a Samsung TV from Android, follow our step-by-step instructions above.

Is it secure to cast to a Samsung TV from Android?

It is totally, 100%, completely secure to cast to a Samsung TV from Android. The connection is made over WiFi, so provided that you know and trust the WiFi network you are using, there is no reason to doubt the overall security of your casting session from Android to Samsung TV.

Only you control what you are casting to your Samsung TV, so it is also secure in that regard: you have the “remote control” that is your smartphone or tablet, and so no one else can interfere with the cast whilst you retain possession of said device.

What can you cast from Android to Samsung TV?

You can cast literally anything on your phone or tablet to a Samsung TV! You can cast the entire phone’s display, so that whilst you browse through your various apps and Home screen, what you see on your phone is also displayed in macro on your Samsung TV.

However, it’s also possible to cast specific apps from Android to Samsung TV, provided the apps are downloaded to and installed on the smart TV, too. For example, if your Samsung TV has Netflix installed as an app, or YouTube or Spotify or Twitch, for example, then you can cast to these apps from the same apps on your handheld device, and use your device like a remote control for the app.

Can you cast to Samsung TV from non-Samsung Android devices?

Yes, absolutely! You by no means need to have a Samsung Android smartphone or tablet in order to cast to a Samsung TV. You may find, with a Samsung smartphone, that the process is a little easier or smoother. However, we’re fairly confident that you’ll find casting from non-Samsung Android devices to a Samsung TV equally easy and accessible, functional and performance led as you would with a Samsung smartphone.