How To Cancel Your Adobe Free Trial

Adobe is one of the world’s leading creative multimedia software companies, and as such, they often provide free trials of their renowned programmes – such as LightRoom, Photoshop, PDF, Acrobat Reader, etc. 

If you’ve taken out a free trial (usually seven days long), but find that you don’t wish to continue using (or don’t wish to pay) for the Adobe package or programme, then you’re going to need to cancel your trial.

To do so, simply follow the instructions set out below.

How to Cancel Your Adobe Free Trial

  1. Open up your preferred web browser, and navigate to the Adobe Accounts page (
  2. Once there, sign in, using your Adobe credentials (which you will have used to create the Adobe account necessary to download your free trial in the first place)
  3. Now, click on ‘Manage Plan(s)’ (may also read as ‘View Plan(s)’)
  4. Find the plan relating to the free trial you wish to cancel, then scroll to ‘Plan Information’, and under this submenu locate and click on ‘Cancel Plan’
  5. You will be asked to provide a reason for your cancellation, typically by ticking one from a multiple choice of reasons. Once you have done so, confirm your cancellation by clicking ‘Continue’
  6. You’ll be asked to confirm the cancellation once more. Follow the on screen instruction to do so

Note: If you can’t find the plan you’re looking for under ‘Manage Plans’ or ‘View Plans’, it may be because Adobe is struggling with your payment information, or your free trial download never worked in the first place. Either way, you are best contacting Adobe customer support directly.

And there you have it! As simply as following the above steps, you can ensure you never have to pay a penny once your Adobe free trial comes to an end. Check out our FAQs section below for further information.

Frequently asked questions

What is Adobe?

Adobe is a multimedia software development company founded in 1982. Today, they offer a wide range of creative software, much of which is used as standard across a plethora of industries, both creative and not. Some of the most widely known programmes offered by Adobe include LightRoom, Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, PDF, and Flash. Much of their technology was also groundbreaking upon first release, and as such is fundamental to a great many computer functions. 

Why would I want to cancel my free trial?

As a hook to tempt potential customers into buying the full versions of their software, or signing up for rolling subscriptions to the programmes, Adobe offer free trials for just about all of their programmes, including free bundle trials of several programmes at once. Typically, these trials are free for seven days, before the company will begin charging you as a regular subscribed customer. As such, you will be required to enter payment details before downloading your free trial. You may well find, having given Adobe’s products a test-run, that they don’t actually meet your needs, or that you’ve got from the trial all you needed, and no longer require access to the software. As such, you’ll want to know how to cancel your free Adobe trial before you start getting charged.

Can I get another Adobe free trial in future?

Typically, no. If you’ve already enjoyed one free trial of, say, Adobe Photoshop, then it is unlikely that you’ll be able to access another in future. Exemptions include acquiring a free trial of another Adobe product/programme for which you haven’t accessed a free trial before. Alternatively, you could always try signing up for another free trial of the same product, using different credentials. 

Does cancelling my free trial stop me accessing Adobe immediately?

No. If you cancel your subscription or free Adobe trial, you will still have access to your particular Adobe products until the free trial or subscription’s established end date. In other words, if you sign up for a free trial of Adobe LightRoom today, and also cancel your free trial in the same day, then you will still have full access to LightRoom via your free trial for the duration of the remaining six or seven days. Cancelling your trial or subscription just means that once the paid for (or established free) period comes to an end, it will not automatically be renewed by Adobe.

Will I be charged if I forget to cancel my Adobe free trial?

Adobe has a 14-day refund policy, meaning that if you forget to cancel your Adobe free trial before the 7-day initial period comes to an end, then you still have another seven days in which to cancel your new subscription, and then request a full refund. If, however, you allow your trial to lapse into a subscription, and don’t cancel this within the overall fourteen days, you will be charged without the possibility of a refund. It is good practice, therefore, to cancel your free trial ahead of time, unless you are sure you wish to begin paying for the product.