How to Boost at the Start in Mario Kart 8

Originally rolled out for Wii U and now available on Switch as well, Mario Kart is the latest version of one of the most classic and iconic games of all time. If you are currently playing this game and would like to utilize some tips and tricks to ensure you win all races, you’ll naturally begin with the turbo boost at the start of the race, a feature all previous versions of Mario Kart had as well.

However, it’s common knowledge by now that each Mario Kart version is unique, and requires different timings in order to achieve the desired boost. So, how can you nail the turbo boost in Mario Kart 8? Here is a quick explanation that might help:

Getting the ideal boost at the start of a race

One of the simplest and most common ways to achieve a turbo boost at the beginning of a Mario Kart 8 race is to pay close attention to the countdown you see on the screen, particularly the number two.

In order to get the ideal starting boost, you’ll need to press the accelerator as soon as the number two drops down. As this is quite difficult to get exactly right on the first try, you might want to practice before utilizing this boost in races.

Keep in mind that if you press the accelerator too early, you will most likely spin out. If you press it too late, on the other hand, you will still get some sort of a boost as well, although it will be significantly less impactful.

If you need an additional trick for mastering the turbo boost, a good piece of advice would be to listen to the sound of the countdown. Press the accelerator as soon as you hear the beep for the number two, and you should be able to get the ideal starting boost.

Note: Some players have suggested that you could also find great timing by looking at Lakitu in the top-right corner. Press on the accelerator as soon as Lakitu’s second red light turns on, and you will be able to acquire the ideal turbo boost.

And there you have it! While it does take some additional practice, you can easily manage to achieve the perfect turbo boost at the beginning of each race in Mario Kart 8, allowing you to rocket past all of your friends.