How to Block Someone on TikTok

TikTok has been all the rage for some time now, and nearly everyone has an account. Many people post videos and part of the platforms ethos apart from posting short sleek videos is the users’ willingness to make a joke, and for example sing and dance when creating their content. While this is seen as friendly entertainment for most, some will, unfortunately, choose to be cruel towards others and make demeaning or bullying remarks. 

If you are a relatively small user and end up seeing every single comment these remarks might end up hurting your feelings and make you feel like you shouldn’t post new content. Luckily however TikTok tries to make the platform as safe and friendly and as possible for users. Blocking someone you don’t want to interact with is very easy and you can do it in a variety of ways. 

Other reasons to choose to block a user can be that the content they post is disturbing or upsetting to you and you don’t want to see it even accidentally. Some channels you might follow might spam you, and you may be tired of this. Whatever the reason we’ll give you a quick rundown for how to block TikTok users. 

Blocking a TikTok User Step-by-Step 

  1. Find the User: First you need to find the user in question, you can do this by searching for their name, looking down the list of users you follow – if you follow them, or clicking their avatar from a comment they’ve made. 
  2. Click the Ellipses menu (three horizontal lines like this: …) you can find it in the right upper corner of the screen 
  3. Tab Block in the menu that appears

Reporting a User 

If the user in question has done something serious such as leaving abusive comments or impersonating you, you can report them. To do this follow the same steps as above, thought select report on the ellipsis menu. 

TikTok will take you through a form to clarify the reasons and they may choose to block the user if their indiscretion is severe enough. The form should only take you a couple of minutes to complete and is a good idea to as it helps enforce a zero tolerance culture toward cyberbullying, 

Unblocking Users 

If you were a little quick with the block button and either accidentally blocked a friend or blocked someone then regretted it, you can always unblock them. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap Me in the right bottom side of the screen 
  2. Select the Ellipsis (…)
  3. Navigate to Privacy and Security 
  4. In the next window select Your Block List 
  5. A list of blocked users will appear, find the user you want to unblock and tap the Unblock button on the right side of the user’s name 

Can you tell if another User has Blocked You?

Whilst there are no official ways to tell if you’ve been blocked there are some signs you can look for such as:

  • No longer seeing content or comments by the user 
  • Searching for their name yields a “no user found” message or similar 
  • You can’t IM them 

Keep in mind that they might have changed their username – which is very easy to do on TikTok or they could have deleted their account. 

Hypothetically if someone blocked you there is little you can do about it. We presume it was unfair, however; a little reminder to play nice on the internet. Some sage advice from our team: 

  • Don’t say something that would upset you to hear to someone else 
  • If you accidentally make a flippant remark that upsets someone – apologize 
  • Don’t body shame others
  • Don’t be cruel 
  • Don’t try to be funny at someone else’s expense 
  • Don’t think it’s ok to troll someone just because you’re semi-anonymous and far removed – Cyberbullying hurts people

Things you can do to help create a positive atmosphere:

  • Be kind to others and only comment if you have something nice or interesting to say 
  • Downvote or report cruel/ hateful comments 
  • Treat others with respect and curtesy 


TikTok makes it easy to block and unblock users, and we should all be nice to other people on the internet. If you ain’t singing kumbaya you ain’t doing it right.