How to Back Up an Apple Watch

Apple Watches are incredibly popular and undeniably practical smart accessories, which allow you to complete daily tasks such as reading messages or even making purchases, all (quite literally) with a flick of the wrist. However, unlike other Apple products, the Watch doesn’t actually store most of your collected data on the device itself, but rather using a paired iPhone.

So, what exactly does this mean for your personal data, and how can you safely back it all up? Here’s a quick guide that might help:

Backing up your Watch through iCloud

Keep in mind that your Watch will automatically back up all of your collected data once you unpair it from an iPhone it’s currently connected to.

However, if you wish to do a data backup now, without disconnecting, the safest and easiest way to ensure your data is properly stored is to do a backup using iCloud. Here’s how:

  1. Using the iPhone your Watch is currently connected to, open the Settings application.
  2. Click on your name at the top, and then select the iCloud option.
  3. Here, ensure that any apps from which you would like to back up your data are toggled on.
  4. Go back once, to the Apple ID settings. From there, click on [Your Name] iPhone at the bottom.
  5. Press on the iCloud Backup option.
  6. Finally, press Back Up Now, and all of your personal Watch data will be safely backed up.

Which data will be saved on iCloud?

If you’re wondering which specific data collected from the Watch will be saved using iCloud, here is a list of everything included in this process:

  • Your specific time zone and chosen language.
  • Any general system settings you might have made, like sound, brightness, familiar Wi-Fi networks, and even the watch face.
  • Specific settings for system apps like Weather, Mail, Calendar, and Stocks.
  • Data and settings from specific applications like Maps.
  • Data from the Workout and Health apps (if toggled on in iPhone settings).

Note: Aspects such as your details from Apple Pay or any synched playlists won’t be saved during the backup, and will need to be manually entered in case of future data restoration.

And that’s it! With just a couple of simple clicks, you can securely back up all of your personal Watch data, and be safe and sound knowing you are covered no matter what.