How to Approve Posts on a Facebook Page

If you’re an owner or an admin of a Facebook Page, you have the ability to choose what and how your visitors can post to your Page. If you allow your followers to publish posts on your Page, it will show up in the Visitor Posts section on the left column. If you allow them to post photos and video content, those posts will appear in the Photos and Videos section of your Facebook Page.

And while allowing your visitors to post to your Page might be a great way of getting feedback, interacting with your audience, and simply adding more content to your Page, it’s not always an entirely positive experience. Sometimes, the content of visitors’ posts can be inflammatory, damaging, or otherwise unacceptable.

For that reason, many Page admins decide to start approving posts before they can appear on the Page. Here’s how you can do that as well:

How to control what visitors can post on your Page

Before you can start approving posts, you must first change your settings to allow for approvals by following these steps:

  1. From the top of your Page, click on Settings.

  1. In the General section, select Visitor Posts.

  1. Here, you can choose the Allow visitors to the Page to publish posts option, and then select Review posts by other people before they’re published to the Page.

  1. Finally, click Save Changes.

How to approve visitor posts on your Page

If you’ve chosen to review posts before they can be posted, they will automatically be hidden from your Page without your consent. Here’s how to approve them:

  1. From the top of your Page, click on Settings.
  2. In the left-hand column, click on Activity Log.
  3. Then, go to the Posts by Others section. Here, you can locate any posts you want to approve.
  4. Click to the forbidden sign icon (circle with a line) next to the post you want to approve, and then select Allowed on Page.

And that’s it! Moderating and approving visitor posts on your Facebook page is as quick and easy as completing a few simple steps.