How to Add Multiple Songs to a Playlist on Spotify

Spotify playlists are so versicle and fun to use to help create mood and atmosphere be it during a study session for one, a party, or a casual dinner. Many people however do not know that you can add multiple songs at a time to a playlist and cutting time on creating it that way as we usually enjoy more than one song from an album for example.

You will need to be on a computer to add multiple songs to a playlist as this is not currently possible in mobile apps. Adding multiple songs is easy on the Spotify desktop application either on windows or mac and you can do it on Chromebook if you use the android app.

Adding Multiple Songs to a Spotify Playlist

Navigate to the page where you want to copy music; this could be an album or a playlist, or your favorites, etc. Then press and hold Ctrl on Windows or Command on Mac then use your trackpad or mouse to select the songs you want.

Once you’ve selected your songs you have a number of options for what you can do;

  1. You can copy them (Crtl/command + C) to paste into another playlist (Crtl/command + V)

  2. You can drag and drop them into a new playlist
  3. You can Right Click then select “Add to playlist” and add them to a list this way
  4. You can drag and drop them up and down in the current playlist if you want to change the order of the songs

Adding Multiple Consecutive Songs to a Spotify Playlist

Occasionally you want to select a block of songs to copy into a playlist. To highlight any number of consecutive songs;

  1. Navigate to the album/playlist or page you want to copy songs from
  2. Press and hold shift
  3. Click the top song with your mouse or trackpad
  4. Click the bottom song
  5. The songs you’ve selected and the ones between them will be highlighted

You can now drag them up and down in the playlist, copy them, drag them to another list and so on.

You can also copy a whole playlist using this method by clicking on the top than the bottom song in the list while holding shift then pressing the keyboard shortcut for a copy once the songs are highlighted. Another way to copy all songs in an album or a playlist is to use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Windows/ Chromebook: Ctrl + A

Mac: Command + A