How to Add Bots to a Discord Server

Being one of the most well-known and widely-used chatting platforms at the moment, Discord is favored among its users due to the wide variety of different features and options it offers, which allow everyone to make their user experience that much more unique.

One of these great features is the option for any user to make their own server, and then customize it using bots and other helpful perks. However, these aspects might be a bit confusing for new server owners.

If you want to include bots into your Discord server as well, but aren’t quite sure where to start, here is a quick guide that might help:

What exactly are bots on Discord?

Bots are essentially programs which interact with users (or even other bots) on a server they’re currently on, in order to perform specific tasks and functions. They are merely a few lines of code that give you the opportunity to include special features in your server.

On Discord, bots can be used for a wide variety of actions, from playing music and posting memes to playing special effects, or even gathering useful game statistics.

Where can you find great bots?

If you are a programmer yourself, you could easily create your own custom bot and include it into your server, if you wish. However, if you’re an average user who simply wants to download a program, you can search through some of the most trusted websites, such as Top.GG, Carbonitex, Bots on Discord, or GitHub.

How to add a bot to your server

Once you’ve found any bots you are interested in, the next step would be to include them into your server on Discord. Here’s how you can do just that:

  1. Open both the Discord web and desktop applications, and sign in to your account.
  2. Make your way to your server, and ensure that the Manage Server permission is checked in the settings.
  3. Now, locate the bot you wish to use. Depending on the website where you found it, press on Invite, Add, or any other similar action.
  4. On the following page, select the server where you would like to add your chosen bot.
  5. Discord will now show all the permissions your chosen bot has. Simply press Authorize to confirm.
  6. The chosen bot will now show up on your server, in the banner on the right side.

And that’s it; those are all the necessary steps you need to take in order to add any bots to your server on Discord. In case you’re having any issues, make sure to read the information on the bot’s website carefully, as some bots might require additional steps.