How to Add a Music Bot on Discord

Discord is one of the most widely-used applications for connecting and communicating with gamers, and for a very good reason. Apart from convenient chatting perks, Discord also allows for a number of customization options that make the user experience that much more unique.

One of these handy personalization options is the ability to insert bots into your Discord, including music bots that allow you to play and share songs on Discord at a higher quality. If that sounds like a wonderful opportunity to you, here is how you can insert your own music bot into Discord:

Inserting a music bot into Discord

The process for inserting a music bot into Discord is relatively the same, regardless of which specific bot you choose.

So, here is a general guide that will allow you to insert your chosen bot:

  1. Open Discord on your computer, and sign in to any server that allows you permission to manage it.
  2. Next, load the website of the specific bot you’ve chosen. The most popular ones are Rythm, Groovy, Octave, and Fredboat.
  3. On the specific website, click on the Invite/Get Now/Add to Discord button.
  4. Then, you might need to authorize your action or complete some additional confirmation.
  5. Your selected music bot will then be installed and added to Discord.

Note: In order to add a bot to a server, you will have to enable the Manage Server option. This means that you either have to be the administrator of the specific server, or among its most reliable users.

Connecting Spotify with Discord

Instead of installing a bot, you also have the option of simply connecting your Spotify account with Discord, which can be particularly helpful if you can’t manage a server. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Load the Discord application on your computer, and sign in if necessary.
  2. Open the Settings by pressing on the gear icon.
  3. Here, select the Connections option.
  4. Press the Spotify icon (green circle with three lines).
  5. Once a new window pops up, simply press the green Agree button.
  6. Finally, sign in to your Spotify account.

And there you have it! Whether you want to insert a specific music bot, or simply connect your Spotify profile for streaming music in Discord, you could effortlessly do so in a few quick and easy steps.