How old is Minecraft?

Minecraft has officially reached 200 million in sales, with a whopping 126 million gamers playing every month. Across an array of games, the gigantic successful Minecraft establishes and governs a class of its own. With no particular story, characters, genre, or drama, this game lets you explore and shape a blocky three-dimensional world using your creativity.

Minecraft is 11 years old. The first version was released on May 17, 2009. It still stands as one of the best video games of all time, offering compelling features to a multitude of fans. The game bagged several awards and received critical acclaims throughout the years. Because of its creative, inspiring, and enjoyable gameplay, Minecraft is easily on the list of Editors’ Choice games.

Minecraft gameplay

This 3D sandbox game has gameplay more or less similar to the other survival games. But the difference is in the players’ perspective- first person (default) and third person (optional). There isn’t any specific goal to achieve, providing players ample freedom to choose and play anyhow they prefer. However, the game’s Java Edition features “advancements,” which are in-game achievements.

Minecraft comprises 3D objects known as blocks that represent various objects such as stone, tree trunks, water, ores, dirt, and lava. The gameplay’s core swivels around picking these objects and placing them. Players build things by mining blocks and putting them in their preferred places. There is also a material called Redstone, which players can use to build primitive devices, logic gates, and electrical circuits to construct various complex systems.

As the players enter the game, they are placed in a random area on an island where they explore the virtually infinite world with a map seed’s help. The players can choose five modes with varying features- Survival, Hardcore, Creative, Adventure, and Spectator.

A multiplayer mode is also available for players who want to play with their friends to really make the game come alive. It lets many players interact with one another through LAN play, local split-screen, game-to-game, and business-hosted or player-hosted servers. Players can to another player using a hosting provider, their servers, or directly through Xbox Live.

Minecraft features

Here is a list of the features that Minecraft offers:

  • Build and Craft Items

Players can construct and craft a variety of things where they live, making the game everlasting yet so interesting! They can build their homes using resources such as stone, sand, wool, wood, and more that they gather from the landscape. Some items that players can craft are armors, arrows, beds, furnaces, etc.

  • Mobs

There are many mobs in the Minecraft game, some created and some influenced by characters in real-life. The two types of mobs are active mobs and passive mobs. Basically, active mobs are the enemies created to complicate and hamper the players from surviving. Some of the active mobs are-

  1. Skeletons attacking with arrows
  2. Different types of zombies
  3. Pillagers armed with crossbows to attack players
  4. A blaze that attacks with fireballs
  5. A ghost that floats and shoots fireballs
  6. Enderman, which can move really fast and takes only seconds to destroy
  • Magical components

Fire resistance, unbreakable, water breathing, night vision, and mending are some of the elements that involve magic. Players can spellbind their armor and weapons using magic. Evil pillagers also use these magics.

  • Resources

Players can get access to various resources, including real-life things that they can use to build items needed for survival. These resources comprise potato, wheat, sand, wood, bamboo, stone, iron, gold, emerald, diamond, and more.

  • Minecraft graphics

To be honest, Minecraft is not a game for those who prefer top-notch graphics. Although they might not be the best, Minecraft offers graphics that are completely appropriate for the game! To put it politely, the graphics are “retro” and old-fashioned, where almost every element is in a square.

Minecraft player count

Minecraft reached 100 million in sales in 2016, and the pace seems to continue to date. Since its release, the indie game instantly caught the attention of many gamers who loved the notion of letting players create an environment using their imagination.

Building and crafting things using blocks was the theme that got the game so far. It has all the features required to make it an irresistible game. Looking at the fanbase and the giant number of players, we can say that Minecraft is the top survival game right now.