How Often Do Snap Scores Update?

For over a decade, Snap Inc. has been making a name for itself as an independent developer of a social media sensation. 

Snapchat allows its users to send and receive photo and video messages (usually with some text over them) with the novel characteristic that they disappear from both the sender and recipient’s phones after just 24 hours.

One of the key features of Snapchat is the Snap Score, or Snapchat Points – a number, or ‘score’, counting how many Snapchats a user has sent and received overall.

The Snap Score is a very deliberately competitive feature of the app, intended to encourage users to use the app as much as possible. 

You get 1 point added to your Snap Score every time you send or receive a snapchat. However, many users report not seeing their snap scores update in real-time. Thus, the question is:

How often do snap scores update?

Snapchat updates Snap Scores four (4) times a day. You should therefore see your own Snap Score be brought up to date four times a day.

However, if you send and receive Snapchats constantly, there is a possibility your Snap Score will always be attempting (and failing) to catch up with your real-time score. 

On the other hand, whilst your own Snap Score may update daily, if you go looking for the Snap Score of a friend, you may find that their Snap Score only updates once or twice a week. We’re not sure why this is, but it’s true!

If you’ve got any other questions, like how to find your Snap Score, or why you can’t see a friend’s Snapchat points, check out our FAQs down below!


What is a ‘Snap Score’?

Known also as a Snapchat Score, Snap number, Snapchat points and Snap points, a ‘Snap Score’ is the cumulative number of snapchats you have sent and received on the popular social media app Snapchat.

Snapchat has been around since 2011, and its popularity revolves around the novel concept that messages (primarily photos and videos) sent and received disappear 24 hours after being sent.

That means that Snapchat users have just 24 hours to open and respond to a Snapchat before it disappears forever (of course, plenty of people have worked out that screenshotting works to save the message onto their phones).

The Snap Score is simply the ‘points’ accrued by a user from sending and receiving snapchat messages. You accrue one ‘point’ for every message sent, and one ‘point’ for every message received.

The concept of the Snap Score succeeds the trophies which were once awarded to users for using the app. It is a simple hook concept utilized by Snapchat to keep as many people as possible using their app as much as possible, to make Snap Inc. as much money as possible.

Can anyone see my Snap Score?

It used to be the case that anybody could see your Snap Score simply by visiting your Snapchat profile. Today, however, the rules have changed, and now only your friends, or people you follow on Snapchat can see your Snap Score.

How do you increase your Snap Score?

Your Snap Score goes up every time you send and receive snapchats, as such, the best way to increase your Snap Score is simply to use the app more often and send your friends more messages over Snapchat!

Why can’t I see someone else’s Snap Score?

If you can’t see someone else’s Snap Score, then this is an indication that they have unfollowed or blocked you. You can nowadays only see the Snap Score of someone you are friends with and who follows you back. Thus, if you go onto someone’s Snapchat profile yet cannot see their Snap Score, then the most likely reason is that they have unfriended or blocked you.

How do I find my Snap Score?

To find your own Snap Score, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone or tablet device
  2. Tap your ‘bitmoji’ in the top-left of the screen. Your bitmoji is your profile picture.
  3. Once on your profile, you can see your Snap Score under your bitmoji and next to your username
  4. Tap on your Snap Score, and you’ll see this one number split into two
    1. The number on the left is how many snapchats you’ve sent
    2. The number on the right is how many snapchats you’ve received

How do I see someone else’s Snap Score?

To find out what someone else’s Snap Score is (maybe to see if yours is higher or lower), follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone or tablet device
  2. Tap your ‘bitmoji’ in the top-left of the screen. Your bitmoji is your profile picture.
  3. Once on your profile, scroll down and tap on ‘My Friends’
  4. Once on the list of your friends, scroll through or search for a specific friend, and then tap on your friend’s bitmoji/username
  5. You’ll be taken to your friend’s profile, where you’ll find their Snap Score below their bitmoji and next to their username

Note: You cannot tap on their Snap Score to break the score into sent snapchats and received snapchats, as you can with your own Snap Score