How Much Will I Get If I Trade In My Old Xbox One At GameStop?

GameStop not only sells games, consoles, and gaming devices/accessories. They also buy second-hand versions of all of the above. GameStop offers its customers the chance to redeem either cash or store credit for any item(s) traded in.

You get 1.25 times the store credit as you would cash, since this incentivises customers to keep their expenditure to GameStop, thus helping GameStop to make more money in the long run.

Xbox Ones can be traded-in at GameStop, provided they’re fully functional, for cash or credit. Below is a table containing the cash and credit trade values for a range of different Xbox One consoles (as stated on the GameStop website at time of writing: 02.16.22)

Note: You can trade-in faulty Xbox Ones, but you must do so in store and will receive a dramatically reduced cash or credit sum, based on the severity of the repairs required.

Note: GameStop PRO customers will receive more for items traded in than regular customers. The below table states only regular customer trade-in values.

Xbox One trade

How much Xbox Ones are traded-in for at GameStop (Feb ‘22)

Xbox One Black 1TB$88$110
Xbox One 1TB Console Halo 5 Limited Edition$104$130
Xbox One 1TB Console Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Limited Edition$88$110
Xbox One Black 500GB$88$110
Xbox One White 500GB$88$110


What can you trade in at GameStop?

GameStop is a US store similar to GAME or CeX in the UK and Europe. It is primarily a gaming store which buys and sells consoles, games, accessories, and other relevant technology.

As such, you can trade in pretty much anything game-related (and even other things, like smartphones and laptops) at GameStop. GameStop operates on a similar policy to other game traders. It offers you either cash money, or store credit, for your trade-ins.

You can still trade in old consoles and equipment even if the devices are faulty. However, be aware that you will receive a substantially lower sum of cash or credit for items deemed faulty or broken. GameStop will carry out a thorough check on all the items you trade-in, before releasing your funds to you.

GameStop offers its customers the chance to become ‘PRO’ members. As a PRO member, you get slightly more cash or credit per trade-in.

Is it better to get cash or credit on trade-ins at GameStop?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your own needs. If you trade-in for store credit, you’ll get 1.25 times the amount of cash you’d get for the exact same item(s). This gives you more ‘money’ overall, but limits it to being spent in GameStop (online or in-store). 

If you plan to buy more from GameStop (a new console, a few games, a new controller, or even a phone or laptop, for example), then store credit is definitely the way to go. On the other hand, however, if you are selling your gaming stuff because you no longer game, or it was given to you by someone else and you’ve never used it, then cash is probably the safest bet for you.

Though you’ll get less cash than you would store credit, you can naturally use that cash anywhere you like, and are not limited to spending your trade-in value in GameStop.

What can you use GameStop credit to buy?

You can use GameStop credit to buy literally anything sold in store or on the GameStop website. They stock a huge range of new and second-hand games, consoles, devices, controllers, headsets, and other gaming accessories, alongside other tech.

Can I sell my Xbox One for more anywhere else?

You could potentially find a buyer outside of GameStop who would buy your Xbox One for more money than GameStop are offering, however the process may not be as simple. You could turn to eBay, for example, but then your price may not be set and may depend on bids instead. You could use Craigslist or Gumtree (or an equivalent site in your country), but again you might struggle to sell, since the Xbox One is now an older console.