How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Xbox One

Now with the Series X/S on the market, the Xbox One is part of an older generation!

And as happens to all members of older generations, the Xbox One you have loved and cherished over the years may start failing.

If you’ve got an issue with your Xbox One then your best bet is to seek the help of a professional engineer.

We recommend either contacting Microsoft to arrange for a repair of your Xbox One, or taking your console to an engineer at your local repair store.

To contact Microsoft, click here, and sign in using your Xbox account details.

Different issues cost different amounts to repair. Generally speaking, repairs carried out by Microsoft will cost more than those carried out by an independent store/engineer.

We have taken an average from a number of independent repair stores online to create our table below. See our table below to check how much it costs to repair an Xbox One.

Note: The repair costs listed below do not include shipping costs, if shipping costs would be required.

How much does it cost to repair an Xbox One

Inspection & Evaluation$35
Faulty Drive Mechanism$85
Faulty Laser$85
Faulty Software (error codes)$60
Faulty GPU (won’t turn on)$85
500GB Hard Drive Replacement$150
1GB Hard Drive Replacement$170
HDMI Port Replacement$85
Faceplate or Power Board Replacement$70
Broken Fan (fan doesn’t work)$70
Faulty Fan (fan makes loud noises)$60
WiFi and Bluetooth Repair$85
Liquid Damage Assessment$40
Console Motherboard Repair$95

These are the average prices for specific repair costs associated with the Xbox One. Please note that you may require an initial inspection and then a repair, or multiple repairs. Please also note that quotes may vary by repair shop, and that Microsoft repairs may cost more on average.

For any additional information, check out our FAQs below!


How do I know if my Xbox One needs repaired?

Compared to its older sister, the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s gaming console the Xbox One experiences far fewer issues. For one thing, it never shows a ‘Red Ring of Death’, like the Xbox 360 was infamous for doing (meaning that it was essentially irreparably broken).

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that Xbox Ones don’t still sometimes break down. Like all modern technology, Xbox Ones must be kept in top-quality condition to avoid them breaking or coming up against an issue that needs to be solved. Even then, old age will inevitably wear out your Xbox One over time.

Signs that your Xbox One needs repaired include:

  • The console won’t turn on
  • The fan makes a constant loud whirring noise
  • The console is making beeping noises
  • The disc port won’t accept or eject game disks
  • The hard drive has corrupted and you can’t access your files
  • Software won’t load properly on the Xbox
  • Software keeps crashing on the Xbox
  • Your Xbox One is not performing in some way which you believe it should

Can you repair an Xbox One DIY?

Some of the issues that tend to affect the Xbox One can be sorted at home, DIY. For example, if you’re Xbox One is overheating, then removing anything from around it (and especially from on top of it), and resetting the Xbox should resolve the issue.

Similarly, a good old fashioned “have you tried turning it on and off again” might help to reset basic software malfunctions and thus resolve your issues. Resetting the Xbox by holding the power button for 10-30 seconds may do something similar. 

Equally, a good, careful deep-clean can resolve a lot of Xbox One performance issues. You can watch any number of YouTube videos detailing how to properly take your Xbox One apart and clean it. Just make sure to be careful about it, and remember that opening your Xbox One up will void the warranty.

Where can you get your Xbox One repaired?

If your Xbox One can’t be repaired at home, then your only other option (aside from selling it for parts) is to attempt to have your Xbox One repaired by a professional. You can take your Xbox One into most tech repair stores, of which there are usually several independent and chain options available in major towns and cities. 

You can also raise a repair line on the Microsoft account website, and have a professionally-trained Microsoft engineer carry out repairs on your console. This option is generally more expensive, but is also the most reliable and trustworthy course of action. 

Do GameStop offer Xbox One repairs?

Generally speaking, GameStop does not offer a repairs service; this includes not offering repairs for Xbox One consoles. You can, however, trade your broken Xbox One into GameStop at a greatly reduced trade value and earn either cash or store credit to be redeemed against a new console.

How long do Xbox One repairs take?

Upon receipt of the damaged console, most repairs should take just 1-2 weeks to complete, unless something unexpected occurs (or is discovered) during the process. Add to this the shipping time between you and Microsoft, or the time it takes you to get into the city to drop off and pick up your console from the repair shop, and you’re looking at about 9-16 days on average.