How Long Does A Communication Ban Last On Xbox One

You’re here because you’ve received a notification telling you you’re banned from communication over Xbox Live, on your Xbox One or another generation of the popular Microsoft gaming console. Either that, or you’re just curious: how long does a communication ban last on Xbox One?

For answers to any other questions, or for more information on the subject, check out our FAQ section at the end of this article.

How long a communication ban lasts on Xbox One: 1 day

Usually, your first ever infringement of the Xbox Live code of conduct will result in nothing more than a 24 hour ban. If you’ve been reported by a player or couple of players, or done something which the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team (XBLPET) deems a small violation of their rules, then your ban should only last 1 day.

How long a communication ban lasts on Xbox One: 7 days

If you’ve had a previous ban, or you have committed a violation which XBLPET deems more serious than a simple infraction, then you may be slapped with a 7 day (1 week) communications ban, during which time XBLPET will be examining your account more closely, to check if you have done anything else which breaks their rules.

How long a communication ban lasts on Xbox One: 14 days

If you’ve had multiple previous bans, or have repeatedly violated the Xbox Live code of conduct during one playing session, you may face a 14 day (2 week) communications ban. Be very careful: during this two week period, XBLPET will be searching for any evidence that this latest violation is part of a historic pattern of misbehavior. If they find anything more, they may decide to upgrade your communication ban to an account suspension.

How long a communication ban lasts on Xbox One: Permanent

If you have committed a serious violation of the rules – repeatedly and seriously harassing your fellow players; making violent or sexually inappropriate comments, modding or frauding – then XBLPET will most likely issue an immediate and permanent account and/or communications ban on you for your misconduct. You cannot appeal this, and have permanently lost access to this particular Xbox Live account.


What is a communication ban on Xbox One?


No matter what generation of Xbox console you’re using, Xbox Live (or Gold) is the server for all online gaming, chat, and communication. This is the case for Xbox One, just like it is for the 360, or the Series S and X. Sometimes, you may get a notification to say that you’ve been issued a communication ban on your Xbox One.

What this means is that you have either violated Microsoft’s Xbox User Policy and conduct guidelines, or have been reported by enough players for a specific thing you said, or pattern of behavior you’ve exhibited. Following this violation, the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team (XBLPET) has decided to put a temporary ban on your ability to use the communications portion of Xbox Live.

A communication ban on Xbox One stops you from being able to join in or host any group chats (even with your friends), and stops you from talking in online games via either a keyboard or your headset. You will be unable to communicate over Xbox Live until the ban is lifted. To learn how long they are typically enforced, read our full article above.

Can I contest a communication ban on Xbox One?

If you believe you have been unfairly banned from communications over Xbox One – for example if you think you were misheard, or if what you did or said was purely accidental – then you can of course contest the ban. To do so, head here:

The Xbox Support team will hopefully be able to help you resolve this case. However, be aware that contacting the Support team to contest a band will not necessarily result in the ban being lifted early. You may just have to wait until it’s over.

Can you get two bans for the same violation on Xbox One?

You cannot be banned twice for a single violation, however you may still receive two or more ban notifications during the same single ban period. If this happens, XBLPET states on their website that it is no accident.

Instead, if you receive one communication ban, say for 24 hours, you may receive an extension to this ban if further evidence against your misconduct is brought to light. Similarly, you may receive a more serious ban (such as an account suspension) if it is discovered by XBLPET that this current violation is in fact part of a historic pattern of misbehavior.

Is a communication ban different to an account ban on Xbox One?

Yes. A communication ban on Xbox One is simply a ban on you being able to use the communication tools of Xbox Live. You can still use your Xbox Live account to play online with and against friends and strangers. All the ban stops you doing is speaking, or communicating, with these people. 

An account ban on Xbox One, on the other hand, is a more serious ban, usually applied for a more serious offense. The account ban, or suspension, stops you from being able to access your Xbox Live account at all until the ban is over. Though, note: sometimes account suspensions are permanent – usually for very serious infractions.