How to download the Tor Browser

If you want to stay anonymous on the internet you need the Tor Browser. When you use the Tor Browser you can browse the internet safe and secure while all your information is encrypted. The Tor Browser is available in 25 languages for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is also possible to download the APK for Android. If you use iOs, you can try the Onion Browser. To download the Tor Browser you can use the link below.


With the Tor Browser, your privacy is the number one priority. It is advised to not install extra plugins or addons that can reveal personal information. There are several security plugins builtin that will guarantee your privacy and security.

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The Tor Project is a nonprofit organization and provides a private browser that does not track you or censor you in any way.

Standalone application

You don’t need to install the browser, you can just run it directly from the folder where it is located. It can also run as a standalone application from a USB drive, so you can run the program everywhere you want.

Download the Tor Browser here: