Does Each Kid Need a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo came out with the Nintendo Switch back in 2017. This was the first time that we saw a console that was this compact and could function just as well in handheld mode as it could as a regular console.

Generally, a handheld device meant that it was something of a more “limited” version of a proper, full console. You could play on it, but it wouldn’t even come close to playing on a regular console. This lead to many handheld consoles like the PSP being handed over to children. The issue with these was that you would have to buy multiple of them for each kid in the house. This would rack up the price by a lot.

The Nintendo Switch, however, gives you more freedom as a parent.

Instead of just one, they have two types of consoles: the original Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. The former retails at $300 and the latter at $200.

Which Switch is more suited for a multi-child household?

The Orignal Nintendo Switch

Generally speaking, if you wanted to get away with buying only one switch device in a multi-child household, you could do so with the Nintendo Switch (original). This is mainly because of its prime feature of having the ability to instantly turn into a two-player console, even on the go.

If your children don’t have issues getting along and being in the same space, this can be helpful because they can use it anywhere. Each Nintendo Switch Joycon can be removed and can become fully functional as a separate controller. You could even buy extra joycons and connect those to the same switch too and add even more players to the same game.

Even when you’re not on the go, the switch can be plugged into the dock and used as a regular console plugging into the TV. Connect as many controllers as you want to the switch, and all of your children can play on it easily.

The Nintendo Switch Lite

Two years after the original Nintendo Switch was released, they released a handheld the only version of the console called the Nintendo Switch Lite. This one came as one piece. The controllers aren’t swappable, you can’t remove them, and it doesn’t come with a dock either. This means that you cannot connect it to a TV screen.

This version of the switch is $100 cheaper than the original, but almost all of the attractive features that make the Switch what it is have been taken out. However, this could still work in a multi-child household.

Since the switch lite stays in one piece, it is a more sturdy device. It also doesn’t involve the risk of a child accidentally swapping the joycon and putting it in backwards and getting it stuck that way, which can be a bit of a pain to take out, and if it gets stuck for good, you would have to buy a whole new pair of joycons. So if your children are the sort to mess around with their devices like this, it would be safer for them to get them a Nintendo Switch Lite instead.

Even though you can’t just seamlessly turn a game into two-player on the Lite version, you can still have multiple user accounts. They would have to take turns playing but could have their separate setups in the console itself. Still allowing one switch to be used by multiple children.

If your children want to play the same game at the same time with each other, it is better to get them the original Nintendo switch as you would only need to buy one console for all of them. If they want to play on separate devices all the time and you don’t think they could handle keeping the original switch functional, you would have to get them separate switches or switch lites instead. Depending on the way your house works, your decision would vary, but when it comes to value for money, you can easily get away with having one Nintendo Switch for all of your children.