Does an iPhone 11 Case Fit an iPhone 12?

Over and above Android users, people with Apple iPhones love when the newest version of their beloved iOS smartphone is dropped on the market. But with so many pieces of kit attached to each generation of device – from earphones and AirBuds to chargers and cases – it’s understandable to want to know whether you’re going to have to buy a new case for your iPhone when you upgrade, or not.

So, does an iPhone 11 case fit an iPhone 12? Unfortunately, the answer is a simple “no”. iPhone 11 cases do not fit iPhone 12s, no matter how much you wish they did! 

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 both have a 6.1-inch screen, and are basically the same weight. In fact, though there are different versions of each gen, with different sizes and specifications, by and large the two iPhones are exactly the same size.

iPhone 11 iPhone 12

So why then won’t your iPhone 11 case fit your new iPhone 12? The answer, like the Devil, is in the details. Though they have the exact same screen sizes, the iPhone 12 is slightly thinner than the chunkier iPhone 11. Moreover, the iPhone 12 doesn’t have any raised buttons – it is entirely smooth all over – unlike the iPhone 11. Additionally, the iPhone 12 has three camera lenses on the back, rather than the iPhone 11’s two. And finally, the iPhone 12 has no power adapter slot

What this means is that a case that fits an iPhone 11 will be slightly too big for an iPhone 12, will have pads for buttons no longer there, will not have enough space to fit the three camera lenses on the back, but will have space for a power cord port that simply no longer exists.

iPhone 11

Still, none of this is to say you can’t still try and jam your iPhone 12 into your old case, no one’s stopping you! If you have any further questions, or would like some more information, see our FAQs below.


What is the best case you can get for an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12?

It’s difficult to say what “the best” case you can buy for an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 is. There are thousands (if not millions) of different cases and case manufacturers on the market, each with their own perks and quirks.

What we do suggest though is that you make sure your case is designed specifically for your phone. Using a case that doesn’t fit your phone (like an iPhone 11 case for an iPhone 12) may result in avoidable damage happening to your phone, as there may be space for the phone to move around and take shock damage in a fall, or actually slip out of the case.

We highly recommend also that you buy a screen protector film to go along with any case purchase. iPhones, along with all smartphones, are incredibly expensive gadgets, and so spending a little extra on a proper fitted case and screen protector is simply good insurance practice!

What are the main differences between an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 12?

If you’re unsure whether it would be worth it to buy an iPhone 12 and leave your iPhone 11 behind, we can confirm that both devices are excellent smartphones. The main differences between the newer model and the older one are the memory capacity, camera quality, and speed at which the 12 runs (the 12 being judged superior in all three categories). 

However, note that the iPhone 12 no longer has a charge port, meaning that you’ll have to use a wireless charge port to charge the 12, and will no longer be able to use a friend’s cable at their house when you forget yours. This is a major change and not a feature that everyone likes.