Can You Cast From The CBS App?

CBS produces some of America’s most beloved entertainment and documentary TV, much of which is equally enjoyed elsewhere around the world. Today, you can download and use the CBS app on your smartphone and tablet devices (whether iOS or Android in construction).

However, it’s not always practical to be watching your CBS shows on the smaller screens (and shorter battery lifes) of smartphones and tablets. Thus, you may be wondering, can you cast from the CBS app to televisions and other such devices?

Well, the good news is that: Yes, you can cast from the CBS app. However, in order to do so you’ll have to use Google Chromecast, both on your device and on the device you’re planning to cast to (such as a TV).

If you are unable to use Google Chromecast, you will unfortunately also be unable to cast from the CBS app. To learn how to cast from the CBS app using Chromecast, follow our step-by-step instructions below.

How to cast CBS from the app to your TV through Google Chromecast

cast cbs
  1. From the Google Play Store, download Google Home to your smartphone device
  2. Open the Google Home app on your handheld device and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account and primary settings
  3. Connect your phone to your TV’s Chromecast unit via Google Home in order to cast your phone’s screen to the television
  4. Once the connection is complete, open the CBS app on your smartphone or tablet device
  5. Lastly, select the show you want to watch on the CBS app and start watching. You will find that your phone is successfully casting CBS from the app to your TV

If you have any further questions or would like more information on the CBS app, Chromecast and more, please see our FAQ section down below.


What is the CBS app?

CBS is one of the USA’s most popular and well-known commercial broadcasting companies for television, alongside the likes of HBO. In keeping with the times, CBS have released a smartphone and tablet mobile app with which CBS account holders and subscribers can stream, download, and find out about all the latest shows airing on CBS. 

Similarly, the app allows them to deep-dive through the extensive library of shows and movies produced for CBS. Since your smartphone’s battery life may not withstand hours of watching streamed TV, and since even if it did the size of the screen may limit your ability to fully enjoy the show you want to watch, many CBS app users wonder if it’s possible to ‘cast’ from the CBS app.

To ‘cast’ means to broadcast whatever you’re streaming on your CBS app to a different device – usually a television, and usually in order to watch it on a bigger screen. You may wish to cast CBS from the app purely for this purpose, or you might be interested to learn whether you can cast as you would with YouTube – from a smartphone app to a TV or games console version of the same app; thus allowing you to use your phone like a remote control.

To learn whether you can or can’t cast from the CBS app, as well as how to do so, check out the full article above.

Where can you cast with the CBS app?

Since there is no innate way to cast with the CBS app without using Google Chromecast, you’ll only be able to cast to other devices also loaded with and compatible with Chromecast. In other words, if you have Chromecast installed innately into your TV, you can download it to your phone and use this to cast CBS to your TV.

Alternatively, if you have a Chromecast dongle, then you could plug this into any supported device and cast to that from your smartphone’s CBS app.

How do you stop casting from the CBS app?

To stop casting from the CBS app is simple. Just tap the Chromecast icon again which you used to set up the casting connection in the first place, except this time select ‘Stop casting’ or ‘Disconnect from [Device name]’ and you should see that your Chromecast stops casting CBS from the app.

Is it safe to cast from the CBS app?

Connections made via Chromecast are just about as safe and secure as a wireless connection can be. Thus, in answer to the question: Yes, it is entirely safe to cast from the CBS app to your smart TV or other similar device.