Can A Teacher See If You Cheat On Google Forms?

Google Forms is being used by teachers all around the world, in and out of the classroom, in order to quiz their students on various subjects. But, when working from home, you might be asking yourself how you can cheat on Google Forms and if you were to cheat, whether your teacher would know.

The short answer is: Yes, your teacher can see if you cheat on Google Forms. If you switch to another tab, or attempt to close out of your browser, not only will you likely discover that you cannot cheat (see our FAQs for more info) but you’ll find that your teacher will also be informed.

What this means is that, just like a physical paper test given in class, Google Forms is understandably designed to stop you from teaching, and to alert your teacher to all the students in their class who even try to cheat. 

Google Forms

What does this mean for you? Well, it means you should probably just study for that test! After all, that’s what you’re in school to do. Study. Learn. Grow. Become stronger and more capable and better equipped to pursue your dreams when you leave and face all of the many challenges of the real world. Cheating might seem like a worthwhile endeavor right now, but trust us, it isn’t in the long run.

If you want any more info on cheating on Google Forms, or you still have questions, see our FAQs below!


What is Google Forms?


Today, internet giant Google is no longer just a search engine provider. On top of their email service, called “Gmail”, they offer a host of online-only office suite programs, in the same vein as Microsoft’s Office package. These online apps include Google Sheets (for powerpoints), Google Docs (for word documents), Google Teams (for online teamwork and interactions), Google Meet (for video conferencing, text based messaging and more), and much more.

Google Forms is one of these office suite-type applications, and is primarily used by businesses and formal networks to create and share documents in a form format. However, it can also be used by teachers to create quizzes for their pupils to complete online, either in the classroom or at home.

Following the lockdowns precipitated by the 2020-2022 COVID-19 pandemic, many schools all around the world were closed, and students were forced to work from home. Challenging as this may have been for all involved, programs like Google Forms made it a little easier.

One of the key features of quizzes made and presented to students by teachers on Google Forms, as we have discussed above, is the ability of teachers to ‘lockdown’ their online quizzes, meaning that students completing the Google Forms quiz cannot exit out of the browser, nor move to another tab, until they have fully completed the quiz.

How can you cheat on Google Forms?

If your teacher has enabled the ‘lockdown’ function of Google Forms for their quiz, you will not be able to exit out of either your browser or switch to another tab of the same browser. The reason behind this is simple: you have been tasked with completing the quiz in order to test your knowledge on a given subject area. Just like you would not be able to cheat if you were doing this in class, or on physical paper, stopping you from using other tabs to search for the answers stops you being able to cheat on Google Forms.

Technically speaking, we suppose you could use another device, like your smartphone, or a book, to search for the answers to the Google Forms quiz. However, there is usually also a time limit imposed per question, meaning that it may actually be counter-intuitive even to attempt cheating, for risk of timing out.

What’s more, why cheat? School is a place for learning. Expanding your mind. Increasing your knowledge. Making you stronger and more able to do what you want to do in life. Cheating on a quiz teaches you nothing, and will not serve you in any way other than to serve your laziness in the current moment. 

Should you cheat on Google Forms?

Is this a question for us to answer? Maybe not. But, if we were to, we’d say: No. Don’t cheat on Google Forms. What’s the point? All that cheating will earn you is a pass on a quiz you actually know nothing about, which will not serve you in the slightest in later life. It might seem inconsequential, now, but when it comes to trying to achieve your dreams in later life, you’ll learn the hard way how detrimental cheating was to your ability to achieve even the simplest of tasks.