Here Are The Top 5 Best Video Editing Tools For Chromebook

Chromebooks are the best devices for students, if you use google docs and surf the web frequently, these are the best, you can find in stores. But you can also do some quick video editing on Chromebook, there are many apps you can find to assist you in the process. These apps help you in editing videos, adding music and effects to your videos.

Here is a list of the top 5 editing tools you can use with Chromebook to edit your videos.

1. WeVideo

Image: WeVideo

The best tool in the list is WeVideo, this is the only tool that is best and easy to use even for beginners. It is easy to add content with drag and drop features, you can add content from your Chromebook, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox in just a few clicks.

You can either download the video or publish directly into social apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The WeVideo has a free tier and a subscription plan, you can use many features in the free plan, but if you want some advanced features and download the video then you need to signup for the subscription plan.

2. PowerDirector

Image: PowerDirector

The second in the list is PowerDirector, it is an android app and thanks to the ability of Chromebook to run android apps means you can use it.

It is based on timeline features, and PowerDirector is one in the many apps that can offer all the free. But there are some which you can use if you buy a premium version.

Features like voiceover recording, retiming, video stabilization, and chroma key bring it second in our list.

You can share videos directly to any social media with a 4k resolution or higher.

3. Magisto

Image: Magisto

The third in our list is Magisto, it is the best choice for people who either don’t have time or confidence to edit videos.

Magisto is a template-based tool, you can use a template and upload your photos, music, and video clips and stitch them into a brand-new video.

You can complete each step with ease and choose from dozens of templets available in the tool. You can also import video clips and content for iStock Libraries within the app and add then into your video.

The best thing that makes Magisto apart from other apps is that it supports multiple aspect ratios; you can insert your own logos and branding.

Once you have completed the video you can either download it, embed in on websites, or share it directly on Facebook and YouTube.

Unfortunately, you cannot avail all these things for free, Magisto has no free plan but you can have a free trial of the professional plan for 7 days.

4. KineMaster

Image: Google Play Store / KineMaster

Fourth on the list is KineMaster, it is also an android app.

It is simple to use and follow and have simple features for video editing. You can import images, video clips, voice recordings, and many more things you can do.

You can download the videos up to 4k or share them on any of the social apps.

It is available as a freeware and a premium version. The videos of free versions are watermarked.

5. YouTube Editor

Image: YouTube

The last on our list is YouTube Editor. It is part of the YouTube studio and one of the best tools to edit simple videos.

You need to upload the video first then you can edit that video within YouTube editor, it has not many features. You can cut clips, blur faces, and logos inside the editor, you can also add credits and playback for the YouTube playback.

Once you have completed the edit, you can export the video or replace the older version you edited.