9 ways to improve the speed of your Windows PC

It is very important that your computer works as fast as possible. Have you been in that position where you feel like you are outthinking your PC? Latency should be very short after all that is the reason why we have computers in the first place.

There are a number of reasons that could cause the slow behavior of computers. In this article, we consider some ways by which we can improve the speed of any PC. And as you go on, you would find that all but hard drive issues really do not require money to implement.

Without further ado, let us head for the main points:

1. Take out startup programs

Some programs start up whenever you boot Windows; but not all of them are necessarily useful at the time. It happens that most of these programs do not get used for days. They only end up clogging up the processing pathway of other programs. So why not clear them?

By clearing them means, reconfiguring them not to startup with Windows every time you startup your computer; instead they should only startup when you need them and manually launch them. This does not apply, of course, to some important programs like Anti-viruses. To take out some startup programs, click the up-facing arrow at the right of the taskbar. Right click on the programs, and if a settings menu comes up, check if there is an option to turn off automatic startup with Windows. This can be extended further by checking Windows analysis of how much disk space each program consumes and making decisions about which program to favor and which not to.