9 Best iPad Pro 11 Inch Kid-Proof Cases

These rugged and fun high-quality iPad pro 11 kid-proof cases that are curated below will ensure that your children can have all the fun they want without the worry of damage or loss
that can be incurred on the device.

9 Best Kid Proof iPad 11 Pro Cases

In this article, we will present you with a thorough list of the top 9 iPad pro 11 kid-proof case along with guidelines on what to consider when choosing.

1. Buddy Antibacterial Protective Kids Case For Apple iPad Pro 11 Inch

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This case is dedicated to the Apple iPad Pro 11-inch and it features a functional two in one stand and handle. Boasting the world’s first antimicrobial iPad Pro case for children it claims will kill at least 99.9% bacteria with its groundbreaking SteriTouch® antibacterial technology.

It is shock-resistant, rugged, dust resistant, and heavy-duty. It also employs an effective, durable, and kid-friendly EVA foam that can easily be washed.

You will receive a complete protection kit that includes a shoulder strap, the Buddy case, a screen spray, a screen protector, and a microfiber cloth. It is one of the most impressive cases on this list and gives great value for the money spent. Ideal for everyone from toddlers to full-grown adults, the buddy antibacterial protective kids case for apple iPad pro is indeed the one case to rule them all.

2. The Azzsy iPad High Impact Protective Case

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Easily one of the most versatile cases you can find, the Azzsy iPad case comes with a built-in kickstand that is fully functional and easy to install. Kids will not need to have the iPad in their hands while they play games, watch their favorite cartoons, or even read. All they need to do is adjust the kickstand to a convenient angle and they can enjoy the iPad hands-free.

Without the kickstands, children can still have fun with the iPad indoors by placing it flat on a surface where they can interact with outdoor activities without any concern of scuffs or scratches and indoors where they can have their favorite shows without having to constantly adjust for it. With the kickstand, the iPad can either stand horizontally or vertically.

It also has multiple layers of uni-body material that was manufactured from tough polycarbonate and TPU material. This allows it to absorb any drop, fall, shock, and impact that it might sustain when it slips. It is also designed to be both scratch and dust resistant. Perfectly crafted, it has perfect outlines that give unhindered access to all the device’s features including, charging ports, cameras, speakers, and other buttons. This case fits on its iPad very easily and is recommended for kids for its versatility, functional kickstand features, and hands-free capabilities.

3. JETech Case with a Smart Cover

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This case is more suited for preteens and teenage kids and comes with a functional Smart cover.

For an extremely well-priced case that will give you value for your money in relation to the age-group it is targeted towards, the JETech case is your best choice. It comes in different models and the one for the iPhone pro 11 is perfectly crafted with a trifold cover for its front that protects the screen and might catch the fancy of older children.

When opened/covered, an automatic wake/sleep function is activated which allows you to have access to all its features and controls. Perfectly crafted, it has perfect outlines that give unhindered access to all the device’s features including, charging ports, cameras, speakers, and other buttons. Worth mentioning is that the tri-fold design can also double as a stand with both a horizontal and vertical standing contributing more to the viewer experience.

Designed to be slim, sleek and in a wide variety of colors, it is made up of PC material in the interior that gives it a soft and smooth finish. Its exterior is made up of a tough, synthetic, and solid finish that much older kids will enjoy and adults will appreciate considering the affordable pricing.

4. Gumdrop Hideaway Case

Image: Amazon

This is easily one of the best kid-proof iPad cases out there because of its outstanding safety features that protect the device from the most violent drops. It also has a built-in stand and comes in a custom-built version for iPad pro 11. With an internal frame that keeps the iPad’s screen, ports, and structure safe no matter how many times it is dropped, this case is astonishingly impact-proof, shock resistant with a heavy-duty tread design that will protect it from crashes on hard surfaces such as tiles, marble or concrete.

Concerning its built-in screen protector, it secures the iPad screen from water splashes, and scuffs while still remaining replaceable which increases both the life-span of the device as well as the cover itself. The case also can be cleaned very easily because children touch a lot of things and germs can easily be spread through constant handling. Hygiene is very important and it is good to know that by merely wiping it occasionally, you can reduce the chances of bacteria transmission.

Couple with its built-in screen protector is an equally built-in stand that snugly fitted in the easy-grip rubber-patterned silicone cover providing it safety when it is not actively being used. Complete with a flip-out and click in place functionality, it emerges from the cover and allows the user to interact with the device horizontally and vertically while remaining hands-free. The installation process is remarkably fair and quick allowing you to remove and put it on with a click.

The Gumdrop Hideaway Case is perfectly suited for young children in a schooling environment, made out of tough, durable material, it will help your device withstand almost any impact you throw at it.

5. LTROP Kid-Proof iPad Case with handles

Image: Amazon

One of the defining features of the LTROP case is its handles. Specifically designed for younger kids, it is a superb case that comes with a shock-resistant cover. It also comes in a myriad of brilliant hues that can be enough to engage the kids while securing the new iPad Pro 11 within its case. Featherweight and easy to grip, both children and adults will find handling this device as especially comfortable as possible.

The LTROP Kid-proof lives up to its name with its hard edges protection, a kid-proof bumper, and tough material that is remarkably wipable. Its hard edges protection comes from the manufacturers raising the screen protectors bezel such that the impact of a drop is uniformly absorbed along that edge. It is light and very easy to handle.

There is a dual-functionality that comes with the handles allowing to serve the purpose of a kickstand while viewing it in either vertically or horizontally. While the case is not impervious to dirt and smudge, it easily wipes clean after any such buildup. Perfect for kids and can be used by adults, the LTROP stands out as a well-built case.

6. New Trent iPad Case

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If you are entrusting your device in the hands of a kid that drops virtually everything then you will need to get the New Tent iPad case.

iPads are quite expensive and this case comes with raised corners and two layers of quality PUT material that will go the extra mile in ensuring that your iPad is well protected from even the most butter-fingered kid. The back of the case is made up of a soft TPU material and a harder polycarbonate with the slightly elevated rear edges giving the screen some much-needed protection when it is facing down. On the other hand, while its front consists of an in-built screen shield.

Perfectly crafted for the iPad Pro 11, it has perfect outlines that give unhindered access to all the device’s features including charging ports, cameras, speakers, and other buttons. It has a double-layered, 3 piece case that still remains remarkably slim without adding too much size or weight to the structure of the iPad itself. It also comes equipped with a leather strap on its back for easier handling, complete with a 360-degree rotation feature and a built-in metal kickstand that allows for portrait or landscape viewing, your child can rotate the iPad to any angle that suits their convenience. It is perfectly suited for younger kids and toddlers.

7. ROARTZ kid-proof iPad Smart Case

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This case’s defining features are its smart cover that saves power with an auto sleep and wake feature integrated into its trifold cover. The cover is magnetic and will immediately cling perfectly to the screen thereby preventing scratches, dust, or cracks in the event of a mishap.

Its outer shell is made from a durable and hard polyurethane rubber material and its interior is lined with an amazingly tender microfiber finish that is rugged on the outside and delicate on its inside. When the cover is opened, the trifold cover converts into a triangular stand that makes the typing, viewing, and interacting experience very convenient.

With its perfectly crafted shell for iPad Pro 11, it has precise outlines that give unmitigated access to all the device’s features including charging ports, cameras, speakers, and other buttons. ROARTZ kid-proof iPad case also comes in a wide variety of colors and is perfectly suited for older kids (preteens & teenagers).

8. Shock & drop resistant Slim folio case

Image: Amazon

This slim case is a very affordable alternative to the options mentioned above. With its futuristic patterns and premium style, it might not be the most appealing to most kids but it definitely leaves up to its name by being shockproof.

Crafted with high-grade ABS material that makes it lightweight and absorbs shock very effectively, it surprisingly protects the iPad a lot better than most of the cases featured on this list whilst being extremely cheap. It has a pencil holder that will make sure Apple accessory doesn’t get missing and a smart auto wake and sleep functionality that will help sustain the battery.

Finally, it comes packed with wireless charging features and is currently available in three hues; Black, Red, and Teal.

9. Ztotop Kid-proof iPad Pro 11 case

Image: Amazon

Saving the best for last, Ztotop is a heavy-duty kid-proof iPad case that combines premium features with an incredibly low price costing very well below $30. It offers stand functionality, undeniably enhanced protection with Apple pencil 2 support.

With six magnets integrated into its shell, it can be positioned in multiple ways and serve almost any need you throw at it. The magnets allow it to cleave to almost any metal surface you place it on.

It is perfectly cushioned within its interior and has a tough protector on its back while having a practical grip design that will prevent accidental drops while still protecting it from external damage and scratches.

It’s Apple 2 pencil holder is groundbreaking in its approach to functionality. Positioned on the right side of the case, you immediately charge it the moment you replace it to its portion of the case.

While a drawback might be the loud logo on its back, you could argue that is the price to pay for its relatively affordable pricing.

How to protect your iPad

Every kid loves flashy toys. It is in their nature to be attracted to anything that pops, rings out, or glows. However, the fact they love and interact with these fun toys does not necessarily mean that they will know how to care for them properly. You can easily determine how a child will interact with their toys based on their unique personalities and the implications of this are largely dependent on how brittle that ‘toy’ is. If the flashy toy is an iPad then you might become very concerned about the device’s safety and wondering how you can keep it safe without having to keep the device from the child.

Almost any kid that discovers an iPad immediately falls in love with it which can be understood because what is there not to love? A lot of adults use it as a tool of distraction for kids as they tend to chores, run errands or commute through their very busy day and some others use it as an educational tool for their children. A device that lights up when touched, moves, and responds when interacted with, is certainly the coolest toy any child could dream of. It is like having a pet but unlike pets that clean up after themselves and know how to retreat or defend themselves when there is a threat, an iPad cannot do that. It is totally helpless in the hands of a child.

So how can you, as an adult, give that expensive piece of property a line of defense that will protect it from the creatively nimble hands of a child without keeping them away from the device?
A Kid-proof case.

It might sound like a no-brainer but you would be surprised how many people take this simple step towards maintenance for granted. There are a lot of things that go into choosing a case for a kid’s iPad. Even if you are already using one, you still need to be sure that it is shock-proof, durable, non-toxic while also being fun enough to keep your child focused on the fun at hand.

Why Buy a Kid-Proof Case?

Kids do not interact with electronic devices as everyone else would. While adults would very likely end all interactions with the device in their hands, younger kids often would not hesitate to engage their other senses; licking, biting, and chewing on them.

A disgruntled kid might decide to throw a tantrum and in the process, smash the iPad. Another might have a tendency to suck on stuff and decide to extend this privilege to the iPad. They could sit, hurl, or burp on the device. Every child is uniquely imaginative and there is no limit to the horrors an iPad can face in the hands of a child. Most of which the manufacturers did not take into consideration when creating the device.

However, it is necessary to know that you are not buying the Kid-proof case for the device alone but also for the child. An unprotected device can gather up bacteria from numerous handling and if a child we’re to put that in his mouth, they could get sick. The screen of the iPad is easily the most vulnerable part of the device and if it shattered, it can splinter and harm a child.

All of the reasons stated above are avoidable if the device is properly protected. A kid-proof iPad pro 11 case is a necessity for anyone that is willing to let a child interact with the device. As a rule of thumb, your best bet for an Apple iPad case has to be kid-friendly.

Guide for buying a Kid-Proof iPad CASE

When you want to buy a case for an iPad, one of the major things to consider is the environment it will be used in.
The best tablet case that you can acquire for children is one that protects the device from damage when it dropped. In the event, the kid in question has a serious issue with keeping things as they are, the device will be perfectly safe if it has a rugged and solid exterior.

No guardian or parent is comfortable with the idea of their hard-earned investment going down the drain which is why we have provided a guideline to consider before you make your iPad case purchase.


You want to ensure that the case you choose will withstand whatever mishap is thrown at it.. You have to pick a case that will protect your device adequately. It has to be durable; made of tough and solid material that will not easily fall apart to wear and tear or break too easily.

Non-toxic material

This is very important because as we mentioned earlier, kids love putting things in their mouth and if you are going to wear a case on a device that they will be handling for prolonged periods then you have to ensure that it is non-toxic because you might not be there to stop them from chewing on the material. We advise you to purchase only cases that were created from EVA foam materials.


Have you ever gotten a case for your device and realized that it was not custom made. Charging holes were not in the right place and cameras seemed to be blocked by the case? That’s what happens when you buy a wrong case. When you are getting a kid-proof case, you need to be certain that everything fits perfectly and that removing and replacing the case won’t be a task for you. All the features that make the iPad work need to be easily accessible.

Screen protector

Just as mentioned earlier, the screen of the iPad Pro 11 is the least protected and most vulnerable part of the device. When the device suffers damage, it is often the screen that bears the most visible and grievous damage. So it is necessary that you purchase a case that has a pre-installed screen protector that is scratch-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof. In the event that you find a case you love that doesn’t come with a screen protector then it is advisable to get one.


Prop up that iPad on a table and let it stand on its own legs. Yes, you can get a case with fun stands that will allow your kids to let go while they play or watch their favorite show. It reduces contact between the device and the kids, functional and can be very aesthetically pleasing.


Getting a case does not mean that the device has to be ugly, bulky, or tiring to use. It needs to be appealing to the child or they will get bored and might not even want to use the device. Aim for a case that has a functional design and is catchy while also preserving a fun, kid-friendly aesthetic.


How can I install my iPad pro 11 into the kid-proof Case?

This varies between brand and products while some will require inserting one end of the iPad from the bottom part of the kid-proof Case, others contain a screw-in mechanism and there are others still that have a lot of small parts that fit together to become a whole. However, every product will come with a clearly outlined manual for installation along with graphic templates to make the installation process straightforward. If you receive the product without the manual, contact the service provider.

Will the kid-proof iPad pro 11 case require screws for its assembly?

This largely depends on the product you are purchasing. There are no products listed above that need screws for its assembly and it is highly unlikely that you will encounter a kid-proof case that requires screwing because of how children can be quite resourceful with prying tools. Added with the fact that we strongly advise against it, if you still insist on getting one, secure it tightly and make effort to conceal all the screws on the case.

How can I wipe my kid-proof iPad pro 11 case clean?

It varies depending on the build of the case and the materials used. However, you can follow the method of cleaning that Apple recommends for cleaning an iPad: “Clean immediately if it comes into contact with contaminants that might cause stains, such as ink, dyes, makeup, dirt, food, oils, and lotions. Use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Don’t use window cleaners, household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives.”

What is the duration of the iPad Pro 11 case warranty?

It varies from brand to brand but expect a cover on all defects in the material for an average period of a year from the original time of purchase.

Are these kid-proof cases compatible with back panel protection and screen protector products?

Unless stated otherwise, most of them are compatible including some with built-in protectors. Contact the respective service provider before making your purchase if this is a huge concern.

Are these kid-proof cases also compatible with third-party accessories such as headphones and earbuds?

Unless stated otherwise and as long as they follow the design guidelines of Apple™, Yes.

Are the kid-proof cases compatible with iPad pro 11 wireless charging?

Some of them are. You will find it clearly stated in their Product description.

Do the kid-proof cases come with free international shipping?

This depends on the individual product and company. Check to see if they offer this service.