Top 6 Best Time Saving Productive Apps

In a sophisticated world like the one we live in, it is easy to get flushed away with activities. Without discipline, it gets worse because you are very likely to miss out on important activities or spend an unnecessarily long time on one activity and completely failing to even start another one.

Well, fortunately, we know how to solve that problem; get a to-do list to help you stay organized in 2019. And we have curated 6 of the best ones here for you.

1. ClickUp

A highly rated platform for productivity. ClickUp helps users manage tasks, docs, conversations, timelines, spreadsheets, and mind maps – everything in one solution. A good thing about the app is that it is compatible with plenty integrations, from Google Calendar to Slack and Dropbox; it also extends this compatibility to a wide range of devices such as iOS, Android, and web applications, a feature that helps you stay in sync at all times.

It also comes with awesome features that you can set to your preference, like workspaces and statuses, as well as reminders. And what’s more? You do not pay an extra dime for notifications or any extra feature you might want to implement, which is great considering that most of the other productivity apps require additional payments to implement additional features. Some of these features are: customizing statuses, creating smart lists, making smart searches, integration, and notes.

Other cool Features

  • Multiple Users: With ClickUp, you can assign tasks to colleagues or friends so that they get reminded when its time for execution. You can also allow the same task to many users.
  • Excellent Text Formatting: The app allows you to edit your text with a generous variety of text formatting options. Comparable with what is obtainable with any standard world-class text editor.
  • Charts: You can get to use and embed spreadsheets, Gantt charts, wiki, docs, and so on.
  • Board Management: ClickUp allows you to organize your tasks in boards that make it easier to manage and track. It is also a great feature when it is a team that needs to manage their tasks.

TL;DR: ClickUp is rich in features, user-friendly, has drag-and-drop functionality, great with integrations, can manage multiple users, and offers additional features for free! But then again it is new to the market and it does not have an internal chat system yet.

Charges: It costs $5 per user/per month to use the app.

iOS | Android | Web

2. Todoist

Very well deservedly, Todoist has been awarded by The Verge as the best time-management application. The app keeps track of everything you need to do for you provided you registered such a task; it reminds you as soon as the closing date/time is approaching.

Like ClickUp, Todoist also integrates well with Google Calendar; so that events can sync up giving you a wider task management framework to boost your productivity. Not many to-do list apps can do this. You can use Todoist to share grocery lists and other basic everyday activities as well.

Other cool Features

  • Inbuilt Recommender system: Todoist is designed to also make recommendations based on your preferences.
  • Record History: The app keeps the record of your tasks’ history. You are able to keep track of how much you do and how productive you are becoming.
  • Task Ranking: You can prioritize tasks, as well as categorize tasks into “Active” and “Subtasks”.

TL;DR: Todoist has great features that integrate well with Google calendar, awesome templates to start with, enable task prioritization, keep your activity history and help you track deadlines efficiently. However, unlike ClickUp, you need to upgrade to the premium package to enjoy colored-labels and reminders, and you do not get to collaborate with a team efficiently using the app.

Charges: It costs $5 per user/per month to use the app.

iOS | Android | Web

3. Things

This particular app works quite differently from all the ones that have been listed above. It employs a more whitespace approach, in the sense that, there is more space for you to list out all the tasks you have yet to complete as opposed to boards. It also comes with some smaller elements under the main space that makes it possible for sub-tasking to be done.

With its heading style of listing and checklists, you have a broader view of the tasks you should and have done. You also enjoy the luxury of breaking heavy tasks into small bits, making them easier to handle.

Other cool Features

  • Uses Headings: With the Things app, your to-do list is explicit enough to make tasks transparent and unmissable.
  • Checklists: What happens when you keep track of what task you have done and the ones you have not? You are more likely to complete them, plus you get a kind of high as you go on along the list-a good kind of high or more correctly ‘motivation’.
  • Task Addition: You can add tasks very easily, to the list you already created.
  • Natural Language Processing: This feature allows the app to understand the style and content of your lists and predicts what you are likely to do each day; making your list creation process if you actually maintain a consistent list.

TL;DR: This minimalist app gives you a lot of whitespace and the heading feature. You also get to put tasks under each heading, monitor progress in charts, add tasks easily, leverage natural language processing, use checklists to track your progress, use filters to sort task, break complex tasks in bits, and sync with iCloud. It is however only available for iOS and Mac, does not have a free version, and does not work for teams yet.

Charges: It costs $9.99 to $49.99 per user/per month to use the app.

iOS | Web

4. Evernote

With fun hashtags and handwriting detection algorithm running underneath, this app has been in the market for a while now. It has note taking features, checklists, listing, and syncs very well across many devices. The great thing about being cross-device is the flexibility it offers as you can easily jump from laptop to mobile on-the-go.

For those who save tasks as they surf the Internet, this app comes with a feature that allows you to do just that, called WebClipper. And you can share lists with friends and colleagues if you want, and it allows many integrations.

Other cool Features

  • Handwriting Detection: This feature helps users personalizes the to-do listing experience making it easy to make up a list without having to punch keys.
  • Integrations: Can be integrated with programs like Asana and others that expand your view of how you manage your tasks.

TL;DR: Evernote is a great app with checklist feature, handwriting detection, cross-platform synchronization, compatible with many integrations, and allows multiple list users. It however only performs well for simple lists, provides small storage in the free version, and presents some difficulties when one needs to share notes to people who do not use Evernote.

Charges: It is free, but the premium version is available from $7.99 per month.

iOS | Android

5. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft also created another to-do list app known as Wunderlist. If you ever used it, then this one is very similar, except that this one comes with wider integrations and a few richer features. For example, you can integrate with Office 365 and even make modify your lists from Microsoft Outlook. The idea is to maximize productivity.

Thinking of jumping over to the side of MS To-Do? You should also know that there are also features that enable you to customize the look of your list the way you want it.

Other cool Features

  • “My Day” Focus List: This feature helps you keep track of tasks that are due for the day, and does so with reminders. Other tasks approaching their deadlines are color-coded to indicate how close they are.
  • Task Prioritization: You can actually list tasks in order of importance and due dates.
  • Sharing: With MS To-Do you can share and invite others to view and use your list.

TL;DR: This Microsoft app enables you to keep track of tasks as they approach their deadlines with color labels, reminders, notes, Outlook integration, and allows list sharing. It has good user interface, is free, and is compatible with many other to-do list platforms. It, however, does not have multiuser support or team collaboration and task management is very complex.

Charges: It is free.

iOS | Android

6. Toodledo

Toodledo comes with a default structure that you can adapt your workflow to, or just customize your own. It offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to task management and comes with features that enable users to track their habits based on their to-do lists.

There is a natural language processing technology that runs under the app. This makes it possible for you the app to understand your lifestyle and present insights into what you do often based on routine tasks on your list. You also have access to the reminder feature, share your list if you so desire, and use your lists across multiple platforms.

With this app, everything is great, only the user interface might be a source of concern.

Other cool Features

  • Smart Sorting: You enjoy the luxury of sorting your lists based on priorities and deadlines.
  • Tags: With Toodledo, you can add tags to your tasks, making them easy to search when you need to check them or make modifications even before their deadlines approach.
  • Tracker: This app lets you time-track your tasks.
  • Natural Language Processing: This feature allows the app to understand the style and content of your lists and predicts what you are likely to do each day; making your list creation process if you actually maintain a consistent list.

TL;DR: This application lets you tailor your workflow to your preference, leverages natural language processing, tracks habits, sorts smartly, has a reminder, share your research, handles complex tasks, and works well across different platforms and devices. Many features, however, are only available for premium users, like team collaboration.

Charges: It costs $4.99 per user/per month to use the app.

iOS | Android

Final Notes

You want to run your day with clearly defined activities to complete. You want to declutter your mind by letting an application remind you of tasks you should do, as well as collaborate with other team members. What you need is one of these six helping hands listed above; they are invaluable to have to say the least.