Here Are 5 Signs That Will Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Oh, that feeling of being in the company of your beloved, walking hand-in-hand everywhere, being so into each other that you become completely oblivious towards your surroundings, your world starts revolving around your partner, that pure feeling of love.

It’s hard to find such a thing but truly worth trying everything in order to protect it once you’ve found it.

What’s harder is finding out that the very person you thought was the “one”, is cheating on you, it’s no good feeling, being cheated on and having to let go of your loved one.

Cheating has killed many relationships, it’s just human nature some say. Not all criminals are smooth criminals though, often it is glaringly obvious to the people around the one being cheated on, but the idea of love and fear of letting go of our happiness prevent us from taking any actions or confronting our partners.

It’s really hard to doubt the people we love and question them, but you’ll find the smartest of people dropping clues regarding their wrongdoings, the truth always comes out.

If you are one who has been warned by the ones close to you or if you smell something rotten in your relationship, here are a few such subtleties that might hint at a broken relationship that needs fixing.

If you can spot these tell-tale signs on your partner, chances are they are cheating on you, and knowing that might help you better process your emotions at that stage and maybe even help you mend your relationship.

1. They protect their phones fiercely

We live in an age where a person’s phone can tell you more about them than a half an hour conversation with them. In such times it is very important for the people who have something to hide to always be close to their phones, their phone is never to be found lying around.

If your partner is overly protective of his/her phone and you’re seeing less and less of their phone, or it’s always on silent, it is not a good sign and maybe they’re trying to hide something

2. They start petty fights

They might try and pick unnecessary fights with you just to make it easier for them to relieve themselves of the guilt of cheating on you. It’s not uncommon for them to start fights thinking that they can do so and end it with you because they have someone to fall back on, leaving you out in the cold.

So if your partner frequently, during fights, suggests a breakup, it’s a sign to watch out for.

3. They start dressing nicer

If you notice your partner trying to make an effort to look good all of sudden, wearing better clothes, maybe a new cologne, a new hairdo, it may be a sign of their effort to impress someone or look good for someone else.

This is more identifiable in couples who have been together for long as compared to newer couples. Unless the change is warranted by reason, it makes sense for a little suspicion to creep in.

4. They avoid PDA

If you and your partner were always the hand-in-hand types, always looking for excuses to make out and now suddenly you’re being pushed away, something might be up.

If a kiss on the lips is now just a kiss on the cheeks, this is a shift from normal behavior that might suggest lack of interest or just pure lack of desire, either of which does not bode well.

5. They’re stressed and uneasy most of the time

One can imagine the burden of hiding an affair in plain sight to be a taxing burden, a burden which sooner or later, shows signs of stress on the culprit. If your partner is unusually stressed, avoiding conversations or drinking more than usual, it’s a sign that they might be trying to hide a secret.

If your partner has difficulty making eye contact with you, which wasn’t a problem before, it is all the more reason to be suspicious.

Image: Nick Youngson