23 Best Websites To Learn Coding (Free And Paid)

Learning to code is necessary for those trying to apply for developing and programming jobs anywhere in the world.

Coding has grown from a hobby to a viable career pathway, and learning a programming language is no longer expensive.

Today, you can learn to code online for free; many platforms offer free courses for enthusiasts looking to get started with it.

But why learn to code?

As mentioned, it can provide access to millions of jobs worldwide, as coding is such a hot topic these days. Therefore, if you’re looking to embark on a high-paying career trajectory, coding is an excellent option.

Plus, if you don’t like the idea of commuting every day and prefer working from the comfort of your home, most vacancies in coding-linked professions allow remote work. Also, it’s now possible to make a decent living as a freelancing programmer.

You can work from virtually anywhere in the world as a freelance developer, traveling the world on a whim and making money simultaneously!

Therefore, if a 9-5 job is not your cup of tea, you might want to consider coding.

If you’ve ever felt intrigued by how software, apps, and websites run, you can start developing programs by yourself. Learning to code can be highly beneficial, even if you’re not looking to start a programming career.

23 Best Platforms to Learn Coding

So, if you’re contemplating learning to code, these are some of the best websites and platforms you can use:

1. BitDegree

With Bitdegree, you can access several free coding courses, ranging from programming to game development.

You can opt for their standardized online courses, which are modeled on simple programming languages. Or you could go for game-oriented courses, which mix interactive learning into the course outline.

BitDegree offers courses in a range of programming languages, including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • SQL
  • JQuery

They offer courses with a motivating reward system by incorporating blockchain — an achievement system based on rewards.

It is geared towards helping businesses recruit talented candidates and measure the efficacy of courses.


  • Diverse courses
  • Progressive reward system


  • Some courses are expensive

2. Coursera

Fast scaling the charts as the top portal for free online courses, Coursera offers comprehensive coding-based classes and tutorials for enthusiasts looking to acquaint themselves with programming.

You know you’re in good hands with Coursera because all their courses are taught by qualified professors hailing from leading universities.

The course choices are immense, and programmers can find coding-related courses catered towards Python, Java, HTML, and IoT programming, among other things.

Coursera partnered up with some of the most qualified and well-renowned names in the computer science field – including top professors – to develop their courses.

The best part about these courses is that they’re absolutely free, although if you’re looking to get a certification, you will have to enroll in a paid course.


  • Non-certification courses are free
  • Courses are led by industry leaders


  • Forums could be better moderated

3. Code Academy

Code Academy ranks as one of the most popular sites for newcomers to learn to code for free.

Its effectiveness is best explained by the number of subscribers this site boasts — 24 million people have learned coding from this platform since it commenced.

Code Academy is a coding enthusiast’s mecca, offering courses ranging from basic introductory programming to more advanced programming languages.

In total, the site has over 300 million hours worth of coding content. It can help you get from a complete beginner to a programming maestro in no time!

Some of the languages you’ll be able to learn at Code Academy include:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

Remember that Code Academy offers many other courses, but its core focus is on programming languages.


  • Friendly to use for beginners
  • Extensive coding content


  • It may be expensive for some users

4. Udemy

Udemy ranks among the top online education portals around, offering thousands of courses.

It offers plenty of coupons and special discounts on its paid courses and even free versions of their paid courses on some occasions.

Therefore, you don’t have to be intimidated by some courses that require you to pay to enroll!

Branching off from programming languages, Udemy offers a diverse catalog of courses that cater to more real-world applications, such as web development, game development, application development, and eCommerce.

So, you’re not just learning a programming language; you’re also learning how to apply your new-found skills in various fields.


  • Offers numerous free courses
  • Offers lifetime access to bought courses


  • Only offers non-certification courses

5. edX

edX is one of the largest online learning platforms. It is catered towards higher learning and functioning on an open-source mode of operation, with more than 5 million students affiliated with its network.

The site is massive beyond the scope of programming, and it can be categorized into different sections, dealing with other disciplines and subjects.

For users learning to code, the Computer Science category has quite a few relevant courses. It also offers tutorials catering to HTML, CSS, Java, Python, and mobile development.

Users can find plenty of free educational resources to get the hang of coding on edX, but if someone wants a more thorough learning experience, they can tap into their paid courses as well.


  • Offers courses partnered with prestigious institutes: Berkley and Harvard
  • Provide a 14-day refund policy


  • Limited topics for courses

6. Khan Academy

Who hasn’t heard of Khan Academy? It’s ubiquitous with online learning and an excellent place for budding programmers and coders to get their fix of basic coding-related knowledge and skills.

Users get access to numerous courses, ranging from basic programming to advanced computer applications and program development.

The best thing you can find at Khan Academy is that an expert is responsible for teaching every course.

Furthermore, users not only get to master programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, Python, and CSS, but they also get to branch off into foundational courses dealing with other critical areas of programming.

These can include courses tailored towards databases and mobile application development.

Although there are more than enough free courses and resources for beginners to get familiarized with programming, they can also tap into specialized paid courses.


  • Offers numerous free courses
  • Allows users to learn at their pace


  • Teaching style can be monotonous for some users

7. Dash General Assembly

Dash General Assembly is a little different from the previously mentioned websites. This is a free online course that takes users on an extensive web development journey.

It starts by familiarizing you with web development basics, teaching you about HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and how they can be used together to develop websites.

On the side, you will be asked to build a series of small integrated projects to demonstrate how you can create your own website at the end of the course.

If we were to recommend a course that is comprehensive and tailored towards website development, Dash General Assembly would be our only recommendation.


  • Offers flexible learning opportunities
  • Has an in-house curriculum


  • One of the more expensive options

8. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is centered around a highly personalized learning environment that replicates one-on-one tutoring and creates real-life relationships.

The focus is on generating and nurturing a community of programmers. Furthermore, it provides enhanced interactivity with numerous challenges that litter each course.

After completing your programming education at Free Code Camp, you’ll be ready to apply your skills to real-world projects and applications.

Keeping aside the generic HTML5, CSS33 courses, you can also access special courses involving Node.js, React.js, D3.js, Git, and Github.

The best part about this site has to be that you wouldn’t be coding alone. Its community-centric platform provides access to a community forum where you can interact with like-minded individuals.


  • Provides partnerships with NGO projects
  • Provides certifications


  • Some users complain about technical issues

9. Hackr.io

It’s pretty straightforward to navigate the layout of Hackr.io; users are presented with numerous programming language courses as they enter the site.

After selecting their desired course, they are redirected to a list of tutorials, where they can filter their choices down to the course of their liking.

The offerings are extensive – providing both paid and free options – and grouped into learning stages, from beginner to advanced.

Some of the courses they offer include:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Android Development
  • PHP
  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms

Also, users of Hackr.io can refer to their collection of blogs that give programming tips and advice to budding programmers.

Additionally, when starting, users can use the Roadmap section to understand the learning path they will be taking during the course.

For the completely uninitiated, Hackr.io does a pretty good job at familiarizing and acquainting users with the ins and outs of programming in a non-intimidating manner.


  • Excellent source of coding information
  • Helpful for beginners


  • Some professionals find it to be limited

10. Code Conquest

If the mere thought about coding gives you the jitters, Code Conquest is the portal that will help you break the ice.

Even if you’ve never written a single code, this platform can help you break into coding, starting from scratch. It takes users through a complete walkthrough of the coding experience, right from:

  • Learning what coding is
  • Knowing which programming languages to choose
  • Improving your programming knowledge and skills
  • Applying these programming skills to real-life problems

The tutorials on this site cater to popular languages like HTML, JavaScript and veer towards niche programming languages like Ruby, jQuery, and MyPython.

Also, you’ll be provided with further recommendations to enhance your programming languages with valuable resources.


  • A wide array of assistive tools
  • A great first step into coding


  • Lacks certificate courses

11. MIT OpenCourseWare

The name itself offers validity to this course. MIT’s OpenCourseWare is an initiative that brings all their undergraduate and graduate courses online for more personalized and remote learning.

And the best part is that it’s not restricted to MIT students. Virtually anyone can get access to an MIT-level education without enrolling in the institute, given that they have the drive to learn.

Programming and coding courses are part and parcel of this portal, with MIT being renowned for its computer science department.

You have the luxury of opting for individual courses, such as introductory Python classes or tap into the degree program.


  • Provides comprehensive video tutorials
  • Teachers are well-renowned authorities


  • Not all courses are free

12. The Odin Project

Compared to the other sites on this list, The Odin Project is a very clear-cut and focused tool for programming and web development.

As a programmer, you may learn a range of skills, but it can be hard to piece together everything you’ve learned and put it to practical use.

Here’s where this site comes into play, mapping out every step in the programming process logically, supplementing it with excellent educational resources from the internet.

As a bonus, you will also learn how to build projects and engage with a diverse programming community native to this site.

Furthermore, you’ll get access to programming languages like HTML and JavaScript, as well as Git, Ruby, and courses on Databases.


  • Functions like a directory for learning
  • Active and useful forms


  • Some users found it to lack on-the-job support for professionals

13. Google Android Training

The Google Developers Training team itself designed the platform to teach programming enthusiasts how to code. It offers a Google Developers Certification at the end of the course.

Here’s the only catch: this platform is geared towards intermediate and advanced developers who arrive with a certain amount of knowledge.

Therefore, if you’re a beginner, you might want to get a basic understanding of the craft before heading onto this platform.

Meanwhile, programmers can tap into coding tutorials, guides, tips, and practice examples to build upon their knowledge.

Moreover, to make programming easier, they can access tools like Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, and Workbox.

Also, instead of being completely focused on programming language tutorials, it offers advanced courses such as:

  • Android development
  • Web development
  • Firebase
  • Machine learning
  • Tensor Flow

This platform is community-oriented, and if you have expertise in this field, you can pass on your knowledge to other students.


  • Wide range of coding-related subjects
  • Offers access to assistive tools


  • Not the best tool for beginners

14. CodinGame

This platform is probably the best for users who want to learn to program interactively.

The site’s layout compels them to engage in challenges, with training programs in more than 24 programming languages.

CodinGame offers students exciting puzzles and games to make programming seem fun and interactive.

However, the best part about this site is that it offers sponsored puzzles to let students win chances at landing jobs in the tech industry.

If you’re acquainted with a programming language and want to perfect your skills in your free time, this is the best platform for you.


  • Multiple language support
  • Rich developer community


  • It May get too competitive for some users

15. W3Schools

W3Schools markets itself as the ‘World’s Largest Web Developer Site .’ While it may not be the sole claimant to the title, it measures pretty close to its claims.

This site is littered with coding tutorials, exercises, sample exercises, and various resources to help you learn and perfect coding.

Users start by choosing a particular programming language and then select from numerous different learning options.

Additionally, you can either get started with a quiz to gauge your learning curve and aptitude or start with review exercises and examples.

Some of the languages W3Schoolss offers include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#


  • An excellent resource for beginners
  • Offers users with a built-in editor


  • Some certifications aren’t recognized

16. Bento.io

Bento.io is probably one of the best platforms for those wanting to learn to code for free. They pride themselves on providing coding education free of charge.

And unlike many free sites, you get the full comprehensive knowledge that you need to succeed as a programmer.

As you enter the site, you’re greeted with a dashboard feed that contains all the topics you are interested in, helping you start from where you last left or switch to a different subject.

At the same time, you can also view your ongoing learning plan and what you will be learning next.

When we said it’s comprehensive, we truly meant it. Some of the courses you can expect to learn here include:

  • SQL
  • Shell
  • Flask
  • Heroku

Simultaneously, you can also access links and secondary resource material from this site if you need more comprehensive material on your chosen topics.


  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • All-encompassing courses


  • Some users felt that Bento’s customer service is not up to the mark

17. Code Avengers

The name exudes an edgy gaming vibe, and you’re not wrong in assuming so. This platform takes an interactive, fun-filled approach towards programming, tailoring its courses and tutorials to seem light and easy to grasp.

Whether you want to learn how to code websites, applications, or play some fun coding games, this site has it all.

However, the thing that caught our eye about Code Avengers is its 7-day free trial period that lets you choose whether you want to go ahead with the platform.

Every course on this site takes users 12 hours to complete while also offering community support for beginners to seek help from programming experts.

Along with the usual programming languages, such as HTML, Python, and CSS, you can access several other web development courses.


  • Available for all ages
  • Lessons are relevant


  • It may not be suitable for some budgets

18. Code.Org

Code.org is built to make programming a part of the regular education curriculum. Over a million people have used this site to further their coding knowledge and skills.

The approach you take is up to you. It will let you dive into the one-hour tutorials or take a more structured approach.

There’s also an extensive catalog of courses that are broken down by ages ranging from K-5, 6-12. Moreover, many courses even cater to University level students.


  • Affordable
  • Aligns with CSTA standards


  • Demanding IT requirements

19. SoloLearn

While other sites require you to sit up at a desktop, this one is easy to access from your smartphone, letting you learn at will, with a highly user-friendly mobile application to boot, which trumps the website.

Users get access to numerous programming languages free of charge, and at the same time, get to collaborate with professionals as part of SoloLearn’s community.

Also, you can access their blog to stay updated on trending news and updates from the tech world.

Furthermore, SoloLearn offers some niche courses, besides the usual ones, like:

  • Ruby
  • jQuery
  • Swift 4 Fundamentals
  • SQL
  • C++


  • Free to use
  • Friendly community


  • Many users complain about the app’s addictive nature

20. Upskill

Upskill is akin to a programming boot camp. It will take you from a complete coding amateur to an advanced developer with a bit of dedication.

The course prioritizes teaching students web development, so if you’re someone looking to get into making websites with zero experience, Upskill is where you should be signing up.

Here, you’ll learn varied coding skills, such as WordPress plugin development, PHP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, along with many other skills.

Furthermore, the course is goal-based, with a strong focus on developing a real-world portfolio for its students.


  • An excellent resource for beginners
  • Rewarding goal-based system


  • Not as comprehensive as some other options

21. Plural Sight

You might know this platform by its formal name, ‘Code School,’ but these days, it’s better known as Plural Sight.

It is an online learning platform offering free and paid courses, with curriculums designed by professional instructors organized into different learning trajectories.

It features an interactive and customized learning method, allowing users to rack up points after they have reached the end of a course.

Moreover, users can practice what they have learned, receive instant feedback, and monitor their progress through badges and achievements earned.

To get a better idea, here’s a look at some of the courses offered here:

  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • iOS
  • Elixir
  • PHP
  • Python


  • Provides offline and mobile downloads
  • Has up-to-date courses


  • Faces lag when updating progress

22. General Assembly

General Assembly is another project-oriented platform, teaching users web development through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

These projects are interactive and practical, letting users create business and personal websites and blog themes.

The big plus is that users can access both full-time and part-time courses that can be taken online.

Meanwhile, its layout is reasonably interactive, complete with an editor’s box and the output being shown on the right side.


  • Diverse curriculum
  • Practical applications


  • It may seem limited to some professional users

23. Skillshare

Skillshare is another free platform that is hugely popular with online students, boasting a massive community and more than 19,000 classes in different subjects.

Users can access both free and premium courses geared towards skill-based learning, similar to Udemy and Coursera.

Although this platform is not specific to coding courses, you can find plenty of courses related to programming, coding, and web development.

Their premium plans start from $14.99 a month, and they offer plenty of free courses for those who don’t want to pay.

The best part is that you can avail a two-month free trial plan before subscribing to any premium course!


  • Many choices
  • Easy to use


  • Not a coding-specific platform


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