15 free mobile games that don’t require wifi

Fun time should not cost you much, at least not your data. If you are like me, you probably have been searching for internet-free games that can engage you in your leisure; no internet connection needed and certainly no WiFi. You deserve to know that very many of such games exist, and they are all over the Internet, you just need to be pointed to them. That is what we do in this article.

These games are available in both Android and iOS devices. Have you been wondering where you can get free, interesting, and WiFi-free games on the web? We have listed 15 of the very exciting and engaging ones below.

1. Badland

This offline mobile video game was developed by Frogmind Games, and it is available for Android and iOS devices. The theme of the game is given away by the name it has; its forest scenes made of trees and dwellers. The player, who is a dweller, must avoid obstacles while navigating the forest. It can be played by multiple players. Have I given enough spoilers? Well, one more would not kill; the game is probably Darwin’s idea because it is all about survival. There are more than 29 million players.

Android | iOS

2. Crossy Road

Crossy Road is another offline game developed by Hipster Whale. It is an arcade game in which player navigates endless routes, rivers, and railways, grabbing rewarding packages along the way. The name came from the question “Why did the chicken cross the road?” The game is definitely going to excite you.

Android | iOS

3. Townsmen

If you are looking for a way to trigger your imagination towards architecture, then this game might just be your perfect go-to imaginative therapy. It is not just available for Android and iOS, but also on Windows and Mac, and it is offline.

Android | iOS

4. Quizoid Trivia Quiz

Up for some questions? This game gives you access to over 7000 trivia questions in several levels meant to sharpen your knowledge on virtually everything. while this app is constantly being updated with questions, it is totally offline taking questions from all areas from geography to sports and languages. This app is available in iOS and Android and is absolutely free.

Android | iOS

5. Duet

They say the average concentration level of a human being is less than that of a goldfish; are you proud about that? Well you can motivate yourself to improve on your concentration level with this game. In the game, your life depends on two dots that you have to keep up with using your focus. So Good luck! The game is offline and can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

Android | iOS

6. Make More

Have you dreamt of managing logistics, inventory, owning an FMCG, managing your employees, and churning in profit? Try this offline game, you may just gather unexpected insights. The aforementioned constitute the theme of this game, and each effort and productivity is rewarded. Just like any business that is talking about profit, the phrase is always “make more”. Who is every satisfied with gains? You can play this game without WiFi on iOS and Android.

Android | iOS

7. Smash Hit

This exciting game involves you attempting to get a ball thrown with accuracy. This long arcade voyage is about grit and skills, skills to meander your way and crushing all the obstacles that try to prevent you. It teaches life lessons as much as it is fun. It is affordable and available in iOS and Android.

Android | iOS

8. Earn to Die 2

Horror must be avoided; and what are zombies if not symbols of horror? In this arcade game, you are expected to get a helicopter to take you away from the zombies and stay safe. Well, if you got the liver, you could also smash them out. If you have Android or iOS, you can play this offline game.

Android | iOS

9. Alto’s Adventure

A snowboard runner has to run and avoid obstacles by jumping over them and stay alive as long as possible. This exciting game is sure to thrill you. iOS and Android users can play them offline.

Android | iOS

10. Shadow Fight 2

Are you a natural fighter? Whether your answer is yes or no, this game can either reach out to your fighting core or show you what it means to be a fighter. You have to defeat demons and monsters in small battles that would be followed with rewards. What is the reward you may have asked? Money! Enough money to buy more weapons to continue fighting and the game goes on. It is offline, on iOS and Android.

Android | iOS

11. Asphalt 8 Airborne

This game is infamous for its memory, and that is because it promises to give you the best user experience you can get out of a game, especially one that is offline. With gears in your hands and the chance to pull fast stunts, what is stopping you from catching all the fun? This game can be intoxicating too as it is one of the best games for racers out there, and can be played on Android and iOS phones.

Android | iOS

12. Swamp Attack

Just like the last game, this game has amazing graphics as well. It has 4 episodes and 78 levels that are sure to thrill the best parts of you. The difficulty increases with level. The game is about persistence and your ability to keep fighting in the face of resistance – monster resistance. It certainly promises to be a fun way to spend your free time. You can play it on iOS and Android too.

Android | iOS

13. Punch Quest

What do you do when you are up against monk ninjas and flying spheres? You punch! This game is about fighting and punching with a glove. This game is an exciting one, great for boxers too and generally great for people who enjoy the fists. It consumes a small part of your phone storage and is freely available for android and iOS.

Android | iOS

14. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Steve Jobs is known for saying “why join the Navy when you can be a pirate?” He probably knows something about this game before he said that. This game brings you into the world of pirates, the games they play and how they scout for treasures. The player needs to find treasures in all the places they are hidden.

Android | iOS

15. Six Guns – Gang Showdown

Do you know why Christopher Columbus is so celebrated? He marched west to meet a bunch of folks that lived there. Well, to be fairer, he could have faced demons and monsters that he would have to fight, and he may only have 19 weapons to save himself from death. You could discover your own America like this by playing this game. This game promises a lot of fascination but be careful, witches are wild west.

Android | iOS

So which of these games are you going to download today? Enjoy!